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  • hey man im new to the steriod game and have been getting help from my dad who used to use them. im currently using a product called decatest350 200mg test and 150 deca does this sound good for my need of wanting to build up but at the same time slim down a little and what should i do once i get off of them? i saw that your supposed to wait and let you muscles recover a little before your next cycle but honestly im tryin to shred the fat that i have on me now its not much but its enough to make me not so confadent to take my shirt off at the beach. ive always wanted a sexy six pack but the deca seems to be taking its sweet time. will this product suit my needs or should i switch to a different product all advice and tips are greatly appreciated. tried to pm but it wont go through for some reason
    Thanks for the info bro any sources you could share with me that would help me get by and reach my goal I've got just one which is pinn but I'm hoping for another just to back it up in case thanks again bro for sharing your knowledge with me and godd bless
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