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  • Hi Ozzy,

    I am running in some real trouble during PCT. Are you able to contact me for some advise, I'm out of ideas.

    Highly appreciated!

    hey ozzy like the info you put out i would like your opinion on a cycle im about to start and would like your input on anything that you would like to add thx


    week 1-4 d-bol 40mg ed
    week 1-12 masteron 100 mg eod
    week 1-12 test propionate 100 mg eod
    week 1-12 arimason 25mg e3d or as needed
    week 9-12 anavar 40mg ed

    as far as a pct im still doing research but i have looked into using arimason, igf-1, pregnyl hcg, clomid, nolvadex and some other's but like i said this is my first cycle and i am a beginner so if anyone has info or ideas for my cycle and pct please let me know. I'm new to this and other then this forum i have no one else to turn to so hit me up....
    i am a member of the steroidology.com i am from sweden = bad spelling

    i am reading an old (11-18-2008) post on the forum about taking gear after transplant posted by Shark06

    i read that you would like to be updated
    do you now what happend to him or how it went

    please extreamly thankful for awnser

    hi ozzy
    I need your help mate, you seem the most clued up guy around regarding pct etc so i would like to pick your brains.

    i have done a few heavy courses and made 10kg of gains on dbol and sus etc over the last 15 months. my pct has been really poor and i have really done myself some harm, or so it seems. my libido is non existant unless i od on trib and zma and i cant get it up without using both products. i recently did 2 shots of hcg (1500iu) each time in the space of 48hrs, which i think may have been too much in too short a time. i'm really concerned that i have done my self perminant damage. i'm currently 3wks into a 12 wk course of stromba 50mg ed. is there anything i can do to get my lunch box back in action?

    any help would be massively appreciated

    hey Ozzy, i've never bought gear from online before, i don't know what would be a good source, i already pm some mods but none answered me!! my question is: which is better ****** , napsgear, mack's? which is more reliable and fast shipping
    Hey Ozz27 I heard you may be a Axio rep. I had a batch number that doesn't come up on the website. Thought maybe you could check it for me? thanks bro
    Hey I saw your post on an anavar thread and I just joined rite now wanted to ask if you could get me anavar? it said ur a rep or something for a company?
    I think your done here friend.

    Ozzy27 To Live2Train Sent At 03:41 PM On Yesterday
    Watch how you respond to the newbies bro....there is a VERY strict "No Flame" rule on this forum.
    Have you checked out the boards I referred you to?
    https://www.mus#$clemaniax.com and
    XtraXXL Message Board *
    There is alot of helpful Axio reps hanging out at xtra if you ever need them. I also hold contests at MM...I think I told ya.

    Peace Oz
    Hey Oz,
    I did a quick reply on my thread named(Is this a good Cutting Cycle) Let me Know what you think
    sorry to impose. I have a question for you guys. I got something from gear 199. I just want t0 know if is real or if I lost my money AGAIN!.. I wish I could shoot these scamers fellows.. anyways. is there anyway that you can tell me if they are real
    yea um i actually was tryna find a source for some winstrol but somebody changed my thread to some gay shit
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