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  • hey choppa, honestly I dont know anything about those sources you just listed, I tried naps, syn, and elite, they are bunk or selective scammers. z is not redoing his website the man got busted i believe , also i think naps also got busted or atlleast some of there branches.
    Hey Bro I know I'm new here but I've been reading the boards a Little and been in the Bodybuilding game forever, recently lost my source and was looking to find another, I seen some of your posts and it sounds like you have looked into or used a few I was actually thinking about trying Like Naps, Uncle Z, Synthetic Power Laboratories... to name a few... I seen on the ironmagazine board that Naps is super slow in shipping the gear right now, guess he's getting backed up, Uncle Z seems to be redoing his website and well a Local friend of mine said he got his recently from Synthetic Power Labs... but shit I can't seem to find the site to order from him... got any suggetions for me, I'm not a Noob at any of this, I competed on stage back in 94, 95... don't compete anymore, but still love working out... just need to find a source... I haven't done anything since last July... and my source went bye bye,, not sure what happen... anyway can you point me in the right direction??

    Thanks bro
    So if I'm located in Chicago, do you recommend Nap? and do you think i should do the reg delivery? or did you do the over night?

    Also what kind of package does it come in? desecrate?
    mine came in extremely quick and without labels from naps. the quick turn around and no labels does concern me. But it;s not like it's hg it the shit they produce themselves. So labels or no labels I still got it from the .net site so I should be good to go.
    Hey what lab is sending without labels? My naps came with labels but haven't ordered in a while and need to get some deca and hcg quickly and would be interested to hear who u went through with such a quick turnaround as naps took 40 days to get to me after sending payment..
    yeah he scammed me and then they banned me from thesourcecheck.com, and they also deleted all of my threads related to me speaking the truth. I believe elite is zeuse himself selling the shit.
    email me that scam site bro, just curious so I dont buy from them, clartay33@safe-mail.net, thanks
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