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  • ooooo wait it wasn'tdbol lol, that was the hcg I was thinking of lol...I have some too but i havent even mixed mine up yet.. I only have 5000 iu so not sure if I should use during cycle or blast after...gonna try and get more

    but thats cool man, shes just worried bout ya, ha, thats a good thing

    and yes, I cant wait for another week or two on these dbols....im on day 10 or 11 now and feel pretty jacked..i got a thread up in "my cycle" Im not a huge dude but I m gonna be doing progress pics every couple weeks or so

    I been eating like a beast and shits pretty exciting, anyway, good luck bro, enjoy the ride!
    Weird thing is she's cool with pinning for me but doesn't like the idea of using dbol. She actually reads up on this shit lol. but yea I feel ya on the weird muffed up sides of dbol, tomorrow is my 7th day. I'm already starting to show it so I'm real excited for what I'll look like by week 3. And this is my second. I ran one right after high school because I was a dumbass but that was a ways back.
    haha ya its little hard to be incognito with close ones....and I know what you mean about the dbol....i dont see how people say you cant even feel it for a couple weeks...the first dose i felt all funny, couldnt really even talk straight, it was weird, like i got buzzed off it or something lol,not so much anymore, but i think i can def 'feel' it...it may just be in my head, well, the test prop may have something to do with it, its my first cycle..you too right?
    Bastard lol, and yeah now I'm back to normal weird. The misses is starting to suspect something though...
    I think I may have got confused on our "similar cycle" comment. We both started our first dbol at the same time though.

    Im running prop 150 ed and dbol 50mg ed split every 12 hours...no eq

    Did your dbol hallucinations stop..lol
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