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  • Hi I have really want to order some cjc1293. I'm spread thin on money right now are there any codes or saving i may be able to us or get? Any information will be a big help thank-you.
    Sorry for bombarding you with messages, not familiar with the forum
    I just want either a confirmation email, shipping update email, or a link where i can track my package.
    If you must, you can email my alternate email that is in the PM i sent.
    Good evening sir,
    I just posted an order for tamoxifen, 20mg/50mL and i didnt receive a confirmation email
    my email is
    name: Garrett Young
    Please get back to me asap :)
    Hey my rats have a pretty bad case of Gyno... About the size of a silver dollar... How many bottles of letro should I pick up?
    I see the double your points, but the webpage wont open. I don't wanna miss out on the deal. Is the site down? And can I still get it later because of no access?
    so 2 years would be stretching it just a little? decreased potencey or actual health risk? Im a tight git with 4 children to feed so if I can get away with it I will...
    Hi, i have an 'unopened' bottle of clomid from when i done my hamster last, could you tell me the shelf life of this product, thx
    Thanks for the inquiry. I can't comment on administration as they are sold for research purposes only. However, direct your comment to the forums, you will get some good advice. Thanks
    I recently ordered some liquid clen from you. How should I take it? Im familiar with tabs better never tried the liquid.
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