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  • Hey bro. Sorry for the late reply. I'm just gonna get the helladrol, but not sure what else to take with it and where to buy them. Advice would be appreciated.
    Im feeling pretty good, thanks for the Chiro's. Ive had 2 epidurals so far, I felt good after the first one. I'm walking (without any help) its been about 2-3 weeks since I've been out of the hospital. Been icing my back, and I still take ibuprofen 600mg here and there, @ least once a day. I will be sending you pictures of the report, they look clear, look out for a goofy yahoo email as well, i use it for spam, ordering stuff.

    -L5-s1 - disc herniation, with a pinched nerve root
    -L4-L5- Concentric disc bulge resulting in moderate central canal narrowing
    -L3-L4 - mild concentric disc bulge without central canal narrowing

    Thanks again
    Ive been walking both @ house and pool (10laps). No shooting pain, tingling here and there and some numbness. I was thinking the same thing and was advised the same buy the chiro in regards to the sex.. but ill hold off anyway.

    I don't ice my back anymore, I have used a heating pad for my back when i would get tired or when it feels sore

    As far as " mechanics of the spine i.e.--flexion and extension of the spine). "

    The chiro explained- I should not extend but rather flexion, Not sure if i used the word correctly, but he used a prop and showed me that by doing that the discs are have room to breathe, thus going back into place, ideally.

    Ill try to get back to you on which disc's where affect.

    for the future of coarse, what do you think about using A.S. when swimming since going to start swiming soon? I was thinking of getting another MRI done.

    That was my initial Q..

    wont let me send/reply to messages ill message the admin..
    I've started walking laps in the pool for now. I Will start swimming in 3 weeks. Do you have any suggestions?

    I eagerly await the core exercise you'll be sending.. sounds extremely interesting . I didn't want to post this up, it in regards to sex. The Pain doc said its ok. I take what she says with a grain of salt. I figured it would be ok, just need to modify, like I've done before. I still double checked with the chiro, and like I figured he would say "just modify".. i.e. no extending, basically I don't do any work loll. I was debating whether to hold off on this three week period.

    I know this is a bit personal, but I wanted your incite. I've read medical website's, about rolling up a towel and putting it under your back, when lying down... idk if this is necessary or true. Plus i have a new mattress. Any suggestions for car, or coach? I should probably get a book loll

    Any info on the sex subject would be helpful...

    Thank you again.. youve been helpful
    Im in the nyc area, Im not going to be traveling for now.. at least that is without help.
    Ryand, i hope you saw my last post on how i responded to the epidural. And i wanted to thank you for being so helpful

    Daniel Benson, D.C. Chiropractor in Brooklyn, NY
    Hey bro. I read your post about beastdrol. I was thinking of buying the stack, but you said you wouldn't be taking it anymore? Is it just cause you haven't taken test along with it? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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