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  • As you can see I have my GP test 250, Oxan, Nolva and clomid!
    Im 21 and will be 22 in september my test doesnt expire till 08-20-2013!
    I think I may just wait till im 23 then do my cycle it will still be good!
    But then again Its like calling my name everytime I look at it I wanna start it!
    Do you think it would be smarter to wait? or cut off some more bf for a few months then start it? Im going to do a 12 week cycle of 400mg of the Test E split 200mg mon and thurs.
    Then week 7-12 50mg var ed! then chill for two weeks and pct nolva&clomid!
    I also need a little help with how I should take my nolva and clomid as far as dosages!?

    Any help would be great! This will be my first Cycle!
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