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  • Hey Swale, Im fairly new on the site and to steroids in general. I dont want to bug you too much but just one quick question for you. if you dont mind?

    I was on Anavar for about 4 months at 40mg/day. I will be done in about 5 days and am wondering what my best approach is? I ready your PCT post but am a little confused. I have both Clo and Nolva...should i combine them or just use the Nolva?

    Really appreciate your help with this!

    Obviously you can't give away this shit, but if you felt like replying I would be greatful. My doctor won't even give me a script for an inhaler, so no pressure.
    I plan on running small daily doses(50mg) of an aas(what would be best? More anabolic then androgen.), and I want to do it sub q. I have plenty of belly sub q fat. Also I am going to run hcg the whole time. Total body fat is between 8-12%

    What is the risk of abscess? keeping in mind I am perfectly healthy 23 y/o Scandinavian with a perfect immune system.. tetnis is up to date, I don't get infections.

    Here's my post.
    thank you for answering questions for us and helping keep us healthy i was wondering and im sure u have answerd this before. im in the millitary and i have a tbi the doctors checked my hormone levels and they were low as a result of the injury they are going to put me on hrt but they will do blood work every couple months my questions is can i run d-bol and deca in addition to my hrt or will they cause a false positive for high testosterone levels on a blood test? i wasent sure i have herd of guys using deca to lower there test levels to get on hrt but some people have told me it will reflect like i have high levels im just breaking into the nationals this year and i would love to contuine competing but if i cant take the necessary aids ill have to give it a rest till i get out but i was hopeing u could settle this for me thank you very much!!
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