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  • Hey Man,

    I've seen seem of your posts and you seem to know a lot about this stuff. If you could maybe take a few minutes to awnser some of these questions I really would apreciate it.

    Im looking to do a 24 week mma cycle with test e (250mg pw) eq (600mg pw) and var (50mg ed). This seem to be the best stuff from mma from the research I’ve gathered. I’m 21, 6 foot and 74 kg (163 pounds). This will be my first cycle so i’ve got a couple questions.

    Should I do pct (and if so please state the stuff I should take) or trt (if so please state how much and for how long) or both?

    How long after the cycle should a stay away from steroids until I can do a similar cycle?

    Should add anything else to the cycle?

    Am I really stupid for doing a cycle this long?

    It would be great if you can find the time to help me out but if not, its all good. :)

    Thanks buddy
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