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  • What's your avi say under the "squat"? I post from my phone so can't read that little. Been trying to figure it out. The curiosity is killing me..lol!
    6'2" 210lbs 13-18BF years lifting 5 years, first 2 wasn't as solid as the rest.
    Fist cycle, I know. Ive read and read and read. Only do deca or something starting out. But, Im aware of my body and how it responds to things. I have a very high tolerance to meds. Knowing meds is different than roids. When I was a teen, rec. drugs i had a high tolerance as well....

    Ive been researching since oct 2011. I work 60-75 hours a week so internet time is limited bc I workout and need to sleep.. I also been reading that nolva is better than clomid... so, should I just take the nolva?
    realizing ive already made myself look like and idiot. haha. the math just seemed to easy.
    I replied to your post but it said its being checked before posted. weeks 1-4
    40mg dbol ed
    weeks 1-8
    test prop 100mg/tren ace 75mg ed
    weeks 10-13
    50mg clomid/20mg nolva ed

    only question that I cannot find an answer to anywhere is injecting two separate roids.... like test prop and tren ace.... do i use two separate injections or drawl both into the same syringe having one injection. could you clarify this last question please
    oh lol idk. every1 is talking about it so thought i would ask. I got off a cycle of Xtren like 2 months ago and just hear about this. do you know where to get it
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