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  • ok so right now i just am using Myofusion whey protein. Myozene. Anavite vitamins, superpump max.

    I alsi have size on max performance. Im tryint to get as muscular as i can, not get chukncy tho(fat) so i am wondering.

    How should i be taking these? should i take sizeon with myozene?

    right now im taking a scoop of myofusion and a scoop of myozene after workouts. 3 pills of anavite 2 times a day. with this, can someone tell me the best possible thing i should do .

    I am new and have been primarily only been taking your advice. I have learned a lot but I am just not sure of what to do about one thing. I am doing Sustanon 200mg eod,Masteron Prop 125mg eod from oxide labs. It was suggested that I get pct 3 weeks after your last sust injection. I was going to get Clomid from manpowernutrition dot com. After reading your article it makes perfect sense that I shouldn't order online. Do you have a trusted site you recommend? I'm about to celebrate my 43rd birthday and I really want to get started but that is the only thing I am missing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Padfoots, My buddy spent most of his life here. He only goes there to visit his family. So I doubt he would have connections there for steroids. I know he's from Manila if that helps.
    Yes Mike, You can mix both of those Tests to make up a cycle.
    Clomid for you pct at 50mg per day for 4 weeks. Clomid will start 2 weeks after your last injection.
    If you have enough you should run that test at 600mg split 2 x week providing it UG gear.
    quick ? can i mix test e and test c together 4 my 1st cycle i wana bulk up and what should i get for after cycle???
    Hi Yes. Would your friend happen to know if there are pharma grade vials for sale in the Philippines? I don't want ampules. I'm looking for 10ml vials. Please PM me.
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