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  • How long for the sust tu usualy kick in.. i thought 2 weeks. i've been doing a shot every 3rd day for 3 weeks now and dont notice any changes.??????????????
    the medistar winny i have hurts like nothing i've ever used before, for 5-6 days post inj.
    i think it's dirty gear so far...why do you think it would hurt so much...FYI swelling and redness are common as well, any info you could provide would be great
    Hey man just wondering how yours has been going..seen ur layout with sust and i just started mine..any pain/complaints yet with the sust? Keep us posted!
    whats up man if u can send me a link to on star at check my posts for my info about to start cycle and my soucre is running late. thanks in advance man and also thanks for the info.
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