10 week Test Prop & Anavar - First Cycle


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Hello guys, first post but i've been lurking through the forum and other forums for a long time now, I'll be taking my first steroid cycle in May, the idea of the cycle is to enhance the recovery rate and to get in shape, maybe even better than before my injury ( ACL/meniscus tear on the right knee). My injury occured last year around April and I got surgery in November 4th (Hamstring graft), since then I've been going trought PT, pool traning, and all that crazy stuff to be able to return to my sport wich BASKETBALL, thats right, im not a bodybuilder (probably some day i will :p) Im an enthusiast bball player (amateur) but still I've always trained like if someday Im gonna get into the NBA or some crazy shit like that and Im not even from the US (lol).
Some other of my goals with this cycle are kinda on the bodybuilding side and those are to lower bf %, increase strenght and to gain muscle mass without adding so much weight on the scale (clean gainz).

Now im going to share some basic stats and physical characteristics. But first of all I started lifting weights at the age of 16 or 17 so thats about 8 years of training experience accumulated around the weightroom, oly lifting, crossfit and sport specific training.

Stats before injury
Cycle experience: 0
Somatotype: Ecto/meso (wide shoulders, narrow hip, thin and long arms and legs, thin wrists, thin face, veeeery hard to gain muscle, easy to gain weight because i gain a lot of fat on a hypercaloric diet, my recovery time after a really hard/heavy squat/dl/bench workout can take up to 5-7 days, even sleeping like 10 hours day and eating properly it takes me forever to recover from soreness and i get my CNS burned in no time... I think thats my weekest side and the reason that takes me so much time to make progress specially in the weight lifting area)
Age: 23
Height: 6'0 or 183cm
Weight: 190lbs or 86kgs
BF: 16-17%
High Bar Back Squat - oly style: 220lbs x 5 reps (ATG)
Front Squat - oly style: 200lbs x 5 reps (ATG)
Deadlift: 260lbs x 5 reps
Flat Bench Press: 190lbs x 5 reps
Standing vertical jump: 29 inches
Running vertical jump: 38 inches

My actual stats (almost 5 months after surgery):
Cycle experience: 0
Weight: 170lbs or 77kgs
BF: 13-14%
Flat Bench Press: 135lbs x 5 reps
Vertical Jump: I don't even have the balls to jump with full strenght yet
Basic lifts (squat,dl): very low weight for now first I am recovering movement patterns and motor recruitment before adding weight to the bar but I have to say that probably I didnt event lost much of my strenght at all so when I get used to the lifts again weight to the bar will come back quickly.

Planned Training during cycle:

Strenght training 2 maybe 3 times per week upper and lower body (3-6 reps range)
Speed & conditioning 2-3 times per week (Sprint training, up hill training, plyometric, sport specific drills, etc)
shooting practice hopefully every day.

the ammount of training days will depend on how my body feels.

Planned Diet during cycle:

Ill start with 2400cal day wich is my maintaince TDEE and ill adjust when its necessary.

Macros will be Protein 40%, carbs 40% and fats 20% and ill adjust if necessary. Carbs are a bit high i think but I'll be doin a lot of cardio so I'm not sure what to do yet.

Planned Cycle

Main compound will be Anavar from a respectable lab (5mg tabs), supposed to be high quality...

Week 1-10 Testosterone Propionate 50mg/eod (just enough to maintain good ammount of test in my system while var does its job)
Week 3-10 Anavar starting with 20mg/day and going up 10mg per week till reach 50mg/day dosage (this still depends on the quality of the compound)

Anastrozole in hand in case some gyno or excessive bloat.

Planned PCT

3 days after last pin

4 week of:

Clomiphen: 50/50/25/25
Tamoxifen: 40/40/20/20

Ill be gettin blood test before cycle , during cycle and after a few weeks of PCT.

Goals from all of this:
1. Recover and gain strenght/muscle mass/endurance/speed/conditioning.
2. Lower body fat to maybe sigle digit, not sure if its possible tho
3. Maintain weight or add some since im skinny it cant hurt anyway.

Ill keep you guys updated starting from the bloodwork next week if possible and if you have any advise or critique about this cycle, diet or anything else I'm all ears.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Oh and sorry for the bad english, not even my native lenguage :insane:, Peace!