a little info about clomid and fertility


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hey guys i thought i should share my expierience with you in case any of you may be thinking of kids in your futures. ok, i was that guy in college who paid $250 bucks for a bottle of deca (10cc mind you) and thought that was a good deal, i knew nothing about post clomid therapy and so on. i would take a cycle and stop without clomid.

so when the time came for kids the doc asked me what the deal was because i had 2,000 sperm compared to the normal 200,000. i told him i took gear in the past and of course he said what is (gear)..he knew nothing. after researching i found out some pretty helpful stuff, from a specialist and various chat boards. first off if you are in my position and supressed your sperm extremely, don't panic there are ways to come back to normal. the fertility specialist has me taking 1/4 of a pill of clomid ed until we have a little one. also he put my wife on 50mg per day everyday she ovulates. this does increase the chances of twins but only 8-10%. just from 3 weeks on clomid my sperm count is in the avg. range, so the clomid is working. keep in mind i had never used clomid after my cycles so i have to go this route, if you use clomid properly you shouldn't have to do this. do not do a cycle without post cycle help, even if you have to wait an extra month for your clomid to come in wait, trust me. my wife is about to kill me because of my ignorance. listen to these guys on this board. i wish i had..i hope this is helpful to anyone in my position..i could write all day about things i have learned about fertility if you want more info pm.,me..
write all that you can, I find these types of posts very interesting and they help out alot. I can also relate to your sit I did steroids in highshool totaly uneducated and I messed with sex life bad it was not until I learned alot more about steroids that I overcame these problems. I wish I would have had access to doctors info and help to do things the right way cause I probably would have done them no matter what the warnings were. Just wish I would had the info and resources. we live and we learn. so post all you know for everybodies sake.
just a couple more things, a big misconseption about the sperm count is we like to think in time the testes will go back to normal, but this isn't true in most cases. they need a boost of somekind (clomid) to become normal again. the specialist i see told me if i haden't treated with clomid i may have lost the ability to have kids period. because my testes were controlled by the gear for so long they actually never returned to normal size, my body thought no different therforw not fixing the problem. Many people get lucky and say i had kids on the gear, but there again you can take test for up to 5 weeks before it supresses your sperm count. so in the interum some guys knock up their ladies and think gear has no effect. don't get me wrong there are ecceptions to the rule many guys can juice and juice never take clomid and spit out 5 kids?

one more problem i am having is my sperm have almost no mobility, mobility is the sperms ability to penetrate the mucas of the females tube, and then make the trip to the egg and brake through. my sperm can't even make it past the mucas! so our only option is artificial incepination, they take my sperm and inject it past the mucas closer to the egg. the mobility is bad because the sack where the sperm come from is smaller. because i never took clomid. if i had any advise to give i would say, after a few cycles go get your sperm tested, most ins. companies cover this. if you have bad mobility and count take a little more time between cycles (if you wanna have a family someday)..i will keep you guys posted, going in tomorow for the 1st. try at artificial insemination..