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How to Avoid Abscess

1) This is a no brainer - Always use a new needle! And then don’t use them again.
It’s no big deal to inject into the vial and then yourself. It doesn’t really dull the needle or make it “dirty”. In fact, you can inject a couple of vials and there isn’t any noticeable difference.
BOTTOM LINE…….Stock up on needles and use them once and only once!

2) Go deep …..I mean it. I know guys that don’t like to poke themselves with 1 1/2" needles but I don’t use anything less. You will probably be ok with 1" needle but I would definitely not use anything less then 1". Believe me...you don’t want to, that’s just asking for trouble. The steroids will get stuck between your muscle and you fat tissue, which cause all kinds of trouble. How do you think all the infection start up?
BOTTOM LINE…….Go deep when poking yourself!

3) After you have pushed the plunger all the way down…..what do you do?
Pull the needle out, right? WRONG!
Leave the needle in there after you finished injecting.....don’t pull it out right away! I know it a hard thing not to do, but resist…..don’t do it!
Always leave the needle for about one minute. This helps with the oil getting absorbed deep. When you pull the needle out too fast, the oil comes out with it and guess what happens…..it gets caught between your muscle and fat tissues, which of course, is not where you want it to be.
BOTTOM LINE…….Leave the needle in there long enough for the oil to get absorbed!

4) Massage the area where you just injected yourself for about 3 to 4 minutes. You could even go a step further by applying a hot compress (towel, ect.) to the area. This too will help with the absorption.
BOTTOM LINE…….Massage the area for a few minutes after injection!

5) Do not inject the same area over and over again in one week. This is really important when you are using steroids with a short half life like Winstrol (winny), Tren, and Prop, where you have to inject yourself almost everyday.
Also, don’t be scared of poking your biceps or triceps and so on. I know guys that inject ONLY one area…..that’s asking for trouble. If you poke your left shoulder, then don’t poke it again for 5 or 6 more days...more even better!
BOTTOM LINE…….Always Inject yourself in different muscles!

If you do the 5 things listed above……it will keep you out of some serious trouble!

Lets say you did everything above but you got an abscess anyways…..what do you do?

Treatment of Abscess

If you have a Small abscess, it may be helped by applying warm compresses to the area several times a day. This will sometimes promote spontaneous drainage of the abscess, which is important since the primary treatment of abscesses is to drain them.

Draining the abscess is done by making a cut in the lining and providing an escape route for the puss, either through a drainage tube or by leaving the cavity opened to the skin. The area around the abscess will be numbed before draining. Most people feel immediately better after the draining. However, it is also important to not attempt to drain an abscess yourself. This can lead to trauma of the surrounding tissue and potentially help spread the underlying infection.

Many abscesses subside after drainage alone; others subside after drainage and drug treatment. Occasionally, their presence within a vital organ, such as the liver or brain, damages enough surrounding tissue to cause some permanent loss of normal function!

Antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat a bacterial infection, antifungal drugs to treat fungi, and antiamebic drugs to treat amebiasis. However, the lining of the abscess cavity tends to reduce the amount of drug that can penetrate the source of infection from the bloodstream.

Without spontaneous or surgical drainage, sometimes an abscess will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream. Incomplete reabsorbing leaves a cystic loculation (small pouches) within a fibrous wall where calcium salts sometimes accumulate to form a calcified mass.

BOTTOM LINE…….If you notice a small lump at an injection site that has not gone away after few days….apply a warm compresses to the area several times a day and to be safe - take some Antibiotics!
I have a permanent disc shaped lump in my left thigh...its about 3/4 inch long. Its been there for month now....could this be one of those cacified masses?
Well a friend recently got an abscess and he had to get surgery. The doc there told him to not go as deep (even with blue needle) try only to go about 50% in. As this would (if he got another abscess) easy for them to take the shit out.
Bast said:
Well a friend recently got an abscess and he had to get surgery. The doc there told him to not go as deep (even with blue needle) try only to go about 50% in. As this would (if he got another abscess) easy for them to take the shit out.

Whats your point??
The doc wants his work to be easier????
The Iron Bull said:
Whats your point??
The doc wants his work to be easier????

I simply said what I said, maybe it aint that much more of a risk to not inject all the way in was what I was going for... did I really have to point it out?

Personally I go all the way in.
I don't know about the rest of you guys but it only happens to me with Winstrol (winny). I just got back from the doc with a bunch of antibiotics for an abscess that's forming on my thigh. I recall recently that Priest had one on his delt from Winstrol (winny). I suspect it is because it's water based there is no BA, or what ever, to keep the bacterial count down. Yea I know I can drink it but that is the only time that it hurts my joints. If I inject my joints are fine but it looks like I will not be using Winstrol (winny) again. What a shame.