ALA, Tylers, etc... dosages?

J steel

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Just curious to see what kind of daily dosages you guys take for your liver protectants. There is the recommended dosage on the bottle as a dietary supplement, but does anyone have labs showing the effective dose needs while on AAS?

When I'm "on", I take 1500mg ALA and 3 capsules Tylers liver detox...........I just started my Winstrol (winny) tabs this week, and am thinking I should bump up the Tylers........maybe 6 a day?

Any input welcome.
c'mon guys, i know its not the most interesting thread, but its still important stuff.

Glucorell R 1 cap per meal 300mg/day Drs Berkson and Packer say 600mg/day if there is liver damage.

Tyler Liver detox 2 caps, twice daily while taking 17aa's.