Albuterol/T3 and maybe Anavar for Christmas


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Was recommended I come to this board for my questions.
Was going to run a 2 weeks on/off of clen but have since changed that to bute. (I can go into the why if necessary)

Alright, before I ask my questions, here are the stats:

6ft/195lbs/44yrs old/12-15% bf (Depending on testing method) It actually goes below 10% on the crappy hand-held devices. Bodpod has me at 12.4 %
Carb cycling @ 2700 cals per day (That's at a 10% deficit. I am currently maintaining at 3000 calories)
Training 5 days/LISS Cardio 5 days @ 15 minutes to start and will move up depending on progress. (Right now I do 3 days @ 15 to 30 minutes depending on the type of cardio I choose. It's more for heart health right now, more than anything)

TRT protocol 65mg test E x2 week, hcg 500iu 2x week, Adex 0.25mg 2x week

Waiting for blood work to come back but I doubt it's changed at all since it's been the same for years.

Week 1-8
Bute 24 mg ED (Split into 3 doses)
T3 50mcg ED (In the morning, 30 minutes before breakfast)
Anavar ED 50mg (It was that or increase the Test E. However, I now have pharma Anavar available) <---- I'm open to saving the Anavar for future use and replacing it with an increase in my TRT Test E

Week 2-8
Keto 1mg ED

Week 8-12
Anavar ED 50mg

Adjusting Adex after blood work is done.

Goal is to drop into single digits bf% by March (Or earlier and maintain) as I will be enjoying the beaches of Thailand for a month, maybe 2.

I will continue training while on vacation.

I will not be celebrating Christmas this year as my focus is on me and me only. I can sacrifice another Christmas. Turkey and broccoli it is, along with some yams.

1. Would you rather increase TRT dose than add Anavar? If so, what would you increase it to in order to help stave off catabolism from T3?
2. If you chose Anavar, would you split the doses or take them all in the A.M. I ask because I've been given 2 trains of thought on this and right now it all sounds like broscience. Looking for some real-world experience.
3. When using Keto, I've seen people run it at 1mg ED and 2mg ED. Can anyone provide a source for bute mg to keto mg? Or is this something that is personal and happens through trial and error?

This is my first post in what will likely be many more. All advice is welcome.

Due to the nature of my work, posting photos is not possible, even if I remove my face. Too much ink on me.


I would not recommend T3. It is not muscle sparing. It doesn't discriminate what it burns. You worked too hard to get that muscle.

Why not try a EC Stack?


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Thanks for the response. Sorry if I'm late responding.

Where I live, all ephedra containing ******** are illegal. That includes any OTC type meds you would find in the U.S otherwise that is exactly what I would do. No bronkaid or anything

T3 is not illegal. Odd, I know.

Mega, am I wrong in that the Test E and Anavar will help spare muscle from T3's catabolic effects? Reading through logs of those that have run it, it appears that the catabolic effects are somewhat over exaggerated. I could be wrong though, as I have no experience with T3 yet.

As far as losing LBM, I'm OK with some loss. However, if from experience you and other vets feel that it is not at all worth it, too much LBM loss, then I'll consider a different approach.

Just no ephedra and I will not even consider DNP. Everything else is on the table though, after more research if it happens to be a compound I'm unfamiliar with.


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There is a good post on thyroid drugs here where a ratio was given for increasing amounts of testosterone, based on T3&4 dosage, to spare the muscle wasting effects.


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Had to throw this out there to the OP.

You do know that Bute was Discontinued for Humans because of the Serious Side Effects.

Like Kidney Damage, Internal Bleeding, Muscle Weakness, and a whole bunch of other Nasty Shit................. JP
Try Dialing-in on your Diet instead, adjusting your Carbs, and Fats.
Sometimes, it just takes a little Tweaking.

You could Toss in some HIIT cardio, instead of Liss.
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@jp I'll have to do some digging around on that. My bute is prescribed for 'exercised induced asthma'. So, if it's still on my docs rx pad, I don't know. But I'll do a search.

With these compounds, first time.
1st blast/c***se was 300 mg Test E 12 weeks
2nd blast/c***se was 600mg Test E 12 weeks.

I might do another blast in spring, depending on my workload as I only ever do this if I'm certain (Or close to certain) that work won't interfere with my meal prep and the quality of my training.