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As you can tell by reading the boards every day, Fina is obviously one of the most popular "supplements" in the bodybuilding community today, and for all the right reasons.

I am writing this post due to the obscene amount of private messages I have recieved recently and the even larger number of posts on the subject of Fina. I am sure many of you have read Huck's AWESOME thread entitled "The Power Of Trenbolone." That thread was very scientific to say the least, so I am taking it upon myself to write out a condensed version of that thread in lamens terms. I will attempt to cover every aspect that has been talked about recently...if I miss something than people like Huck, Fonz, Zyg, and (even though I despise him greatly) TxShortPenis to chime in, along with anyone else who has questions or other various points. Here goes....

Fina is considered by many, including myself obviously, to be
The Gear of the Gods. Those who have not had the pleasure of experiencing the joy that is fina seem to be in the minority these days. Fina is cheap, safe, and extremely effective.

What is it?

Fina (whos scientific name is Trenbolone ) is a derivative of the chemical nandrolone. Tren does not convert to estrogen, so supplementing with anastrozole, lestrozole, or any of those popular compounds will do no good combatting the gyno that may be caused by using Tren, but we will get to that later.

To quote Huck, " [Tren] is the strongest androgen receptor binder on the planet. " This in itself is amazing considering it is a derivative of a compound that is far less androgenic. If you read Huck's post (now in the Best of Elite Fitness forum) you will see a scientific study that shows how Tren is three times as anabolic as testosterone, while being doubly as anabolic.

Tren is commonly used in cattle. Farmers inject Tren into their cows in the months leading up to their slaughter to rapidly increase lean weight gain, which makes for some yummy steaks.

Where can I get it?

Capitalizing on the fina frenzy, sources began producing their own home-made trenbolone and put them on the market. Ttokkyo was the first actual company to produce trenbolone for human use. Needless to say, the prices were and still can be outrageous.

What are we to do then? Well make your own you lazy bastard! Fina pellets can be purchased legally from any vet store. Look for either their Finaplix-H or Component T-H, which IS fina, just more of it. These are usually priced at around $50 and $75, respectively.

Unless you have the brain capacity of llama (Mustang_18 ) you will immediately realize that using an implant gun to shoot these fina pellets into your body is a painful and unneccesary experience. There are in fact a few safer and less excrutiating method to experience the power that is fina:

Orally: It seems that some have attempted to place the fina pellets under their toungue until dissolved. Aside from being about as tasty as TxShortpenis' loose anus, this method will yield minimal results, if any at all.

DMSO Method: Basically, this consists of crushing up the pellets and adding them to a topical delivery system. You then rub the composite onto your body in various places (behind the knees, for example). This will yield better results than the previous method, however the results may not be spectacular, and you will smell like trenbolone 24/7, which will not make you that popular with the ladies.

Injections: In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, this is the ONLY way to use fina. I know you are probably asking, "Hey Almighty you ignorant piece of shit! How the fuck would you go about injecting something in pellet form?" Listen here, shitheads, you can purchase a kit to make the transformation from pellet form to liquid form.

The main concern when this method is brought up is,
"Hey, Almighty. Im no chemist you insensitive prick. What am I to do?" First of all, you got a real bad attitude son. Second, I am the farthest thing from a chemist. Making fina is easier than baking a cake, and no I am not joking. All kits come with step-by-step instructions on how to convert your fina. The entire process can take anywhere between 2 hours to 12 hours. The majority of this time is waiting for the pellets to dissolve in the oil that is supplied via the kit that you purchase. If you want to look at a great site that has pictures of this process, simply go to
The kits give out a 75mg/ml concentration of the golden goodness. Of course, you can alter this by changing the amount of solution you use, but 75mg is typically the standard dose.

One more small thing...for best results, due to its short half-life, fina must be injected at least every other day (EOD). For OPTIMAL results, every day (ED) injections are encouraged. This is what intimidates many of those who are interested in using fina. Take it from me and the countless numbers of those who have used fina...the ED/EOD injections are not a problem at all. You get used to them in a short amount of time, and do not want to stop doing them once you see the phenominal results. I know that your asses are probably getting sore thinking about all of those injections, but fear not. Fina is great for site injections. I inject into my bis, tris, delts, and pecs with no fuss, no muss.

How should I use Fina?

As I stated above, the standard dose of fina is usually 75mg. While in 95% of people this dose results in little sides and great results, many people opt for 37.5mg (1/2 ml) every day.

Fina kicks in very rapidly (many notice results within the first week) so the standard 10 week cycle is not necessary. Fina is a great addition to a 10-12 week cycle consisting of test, eq, primo, etc. I advise adding fina at the end of the cycle, the last 5-6 weeks perhaps. Be sure to extend the fina past the rest of the cycle if you are using compounds that take longer to clear your system (e.g. sustanon/omnadren, eq, deca). This way, you can start your post-cycle therapy directly following your last dose of fina.

If all else fails, a 6 week fina cycle never lets anyone down. Combine fina with other fast acting compounds such as test prop or Winstrol (winny) and you have yourself one helluva cycle with a minimum cost. Using myself as an example, in 6 weeks of using fina @ 75mg/ed and Winstrol (winny) @ 50mg/ed I gained 22 pounds and lost 2% bodyfat. Not bad for 6 weeks, huh?

Should I use Fina to Bulk or Cut?

Due to the fact that God himself was on fina when he created the world in 7 days, fina is great for either. Fina is extremely anti-catabolic which makes it the drug of choice for cutting. People report an actual increase in weight while their bodyfat drops. Fina is renound for its ability to transform your physique.

For bulking, well just add some test, dbol, or any of your other favorite bulking supplements and watch the weight and strength pile on while experiencing little or no increase in bodyfat.

Is Fina Dangerous?

In my opinion, the horror stories you hear about fina are extremely overdone. Fonz ran fina for more than 20 weeks....20 fucking weeks and reported no problems whatsoever. All you have to do is to do your homework, take the necessary precautions for the liver and kidneys (ALA and 2 gallons of water every day, respectively) and chances are you will be good to go, as long as the dose is reasonable.

By the way, the sides of fina are pretty much the same as all other steroids, such as acne, hair loss, etc. Fina does seem to cause an increase in aggression in some people. Of course, as long as you have at least a minimal amount of will power, this aggression can be contained and expelled only in the gym during a greuling workout.

Now, what about gyno? Ask anyone around and you will see that, although it can happen, gyno from fina is quite rare. Arimidex, etc will not prevent gyno from fina, so if you are truely paranoid, simply supplement with 50mg of Winstrol (winny) EOD.

If you are like me, you may get a slight case of gyno after the cycle has ended. Many seem to think that this may be prolactin induced. This gyno can, 99% of the time, be easily cured by supplementing with 1 gram of vitex (chaste berry) every day until the symptoms dissapear. In my case, it took only a few weeks.

Is fina adequate for someone doing their first cycle? Yes and no. I feel that if you have done your homework, fina will work quite well with a lack of sides as long as you are smart and keep an eye on what you are doing. Keep in mind, however, that fina is very strong and, like all other steroids, may not be for everyone. I know that the frequency of injections can deter many from using fina in their first cycle. If you can go along with it, however, I assure you that the results will be like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Thats pretty much it gentlemen. It took me only about an hour to write this, so I may have left some things out. As I said above, feel free to add or subract anything you see fit. Happy Growing.
yes I made mine from instruction with heat.

I did the coffee filter to get out gunk and squeeze out last tren mgs then I did the 45 micron filter later in next pic with final product.

Look how clear it was before I bake at 250degrees for 1/2hr.

I also had some EverClear BA and rinised the 45 filter and all kinds of dark shit came out.I did a few times and fluhed out with boiling water I bet its good to use again. you think?

Look how clean it got!

I purged 5 cc 's making about 50cc's total 4 g kit and 300 pellets!
It must be about 120mg a cc I wasted very little and squezed all extra trapped in gunk!

Gonna bake and rebottle in streile vial!
Bakin now!
1st fina cycle

I just cooked my second jug,of Fina,well the first time I used everclear as the magic solution ,I followed a thread from another board,and cooked it in the rigs ,and I got all of thease little rigs that look like lava lamps ,I cooked and cooked my first rig like I was directed,and got a cloudy oil put the needle in asperated started to inject and tryed to inject and could not its stopped up, and I have a bleeding site,Great,
so I change the needle on my prepreped Rig,go to other arm aspirate and start to inject and boom pain blast down my arm,I thought I had been blasted by lightening,Guess what I pulled that shit out of my arm,I think I will use the content of those rigs with some DMSO Gel,
I used a kit on the Golden brew I have been enjecting for 3days now,
it rigs better than all my QV Stuff and almost as tasty as my pharm Grade Stuff Im also useing med i tens electric nerve and muscle stimulation along with old time Iron Revival Work outs,the Med i tens is also good for putting over shot area that you believe may become a absess it pumps the muscles and the blood and the oil thru and gives you the effect of haveing done a couple of hundred push ups,wish me luck,my familys from scotland when they came to america they started makeing boot leg whisky,now I dont drink but I make my own juice and blast it myself,wild how people change and stay the same all at once,
fina and medi tens

cutter said:
thank's for the info
This is a picture of med i tens electric nerve and muscle stimulater,its good for moveing would be abscesses so that you dont have to walk around with a knot in your blast area,
Re: fina and medi tens

heavensdoor said:
This is a picture of med i tens electric nerve and muscle stimulater,its good for moveing would be abscesses so that you dont have to walk around with a knot in your blast area,
this is a better picture of it:D it work very Good!!!
Re: Re: fina and medi tens

heavensdoor said:
this is a better picture of it:D it work very Good!!!
This is my body before fina ,Thangs are growing now about 10 days in
I know Iv got a lot of work to do,But what you dont know is after a motor cycle wreck the Dr told me I may never walk again ,and gave me a lot of shit about bringing it on myself,well I pulled myself out of bed and crawled to some bunk beds pulled myself up and used them
to hold on to and trained my legs to work again after about 4 months of unsurvivable pain,and almost no sleep,I got to where I could stand,thats all I would do is stand that was my work out next I started to take steps,after about 7 months I could walk slow now you ask why did I crawl around I was to poor to own a wheel chair,But thats OK I was not going to settle for that life,Im walking again not just that but I have a pretty good body for a Old Man who would never walk again,FUCK that Dr,but really guys I dont think I would mess with rigs cooked with all that goo shit inside clean and safe or not at all we are about better health not killing our selfs,Love from Above heavensdoor,
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