Anabolic steroid mg and dosage management.


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In anabolic steroid use, beginners frequently make mistakes in dosage adjustments based on the cure program; mg and ml are frequently confused with each other, and beginners insist on their mistakes. The following are some of the most common errors: If it says 250mg of testosterone per week on the cure program, they inject 2.5 ml of testosterone via an injector, but they actually inject 625mg of testosterone in one go, which is a mistake.

Initially, you must understand the following terms to comprehend the cure programs or have knowledge of steroid dosages.

Milligram (mg) (The active ingredient amount for the drug, such as 250mg testosterone enanthate.)
Milliliter (ml) (The amount of liquid in the ampoule or vial.)
Microgram (mcg) (1mg=1000mcg)

The amount of active ingredient in 1ml liquid, such as 250mg/ml, is usually written on the steroid box. If you should take 250 mg per week, you should inject '1 ml' via a syringe. This is most common with 10 ml vial products; vial products come in 10 ml large vials, and for ten injections, 1 ml should be injected each injection day. For example, if you need to take 500 mg of testosterone per week, and if your drug says 250 mg/ml, you should inject 2 ml of testosterone per week. Namely;

1. gram = 1.000 mg = 1.000.000 mcg
(At each step from gram to mcg, the number is multiplied by 1000.)
1. mg = 1000 mcg
Question: 2 mg of drug =? mcg
2000 mcg.
What is cc (ml)?

Each number on an injector shows how much drug is in the injector when you draw the drug to that level. In other words, cc, and ml stand for the same value. They mean the same. Here, the most critical issue is to know the difference between ml and mg and not to confuse them. mg and ml are not the same values.
1. 1 ml (cc) of drug can be 100 mg or 400 mg. This depends on the active ingredient dosage. Miligram (mg) shows the drug dosage. Milliliter (cc) shows the volume of the drug in the injector.
1. ml = 1 cc

Knowing the rules below will help you in drug calculations.
cc = ml
1. cc = 1 ml = 10 dizyem
1. cc = 1 ml = 100 units
1. cc = 20 drops
Reconstituting Powdered Drugs

The situation is not much different in powdered drugs. The amount in cc is obtained by dividing the total active ingredient by the reconstitution volume.

For example, we are reconstituting Odin Pharma ghrp6 5 mg 1 vial.
- Reconstituted with 2.5 ml of water
- 2.5 ml = 250 iu
- Since you will apply 100 mcg each application, 5000 mcg 100 = 50 doses
- 250 iu 50 = 5 iu
- You can see that the liquid amount of 5 iu equals 100 mcg active ingredient according to this calculation.

1. 1 Milligram = 0.001 gr
1. 1 gram = 1000 mg

1. 1 Milligram = 1000 mcg
1. 1 microgram = 1000 mg
1. ml = 1 cc = 100 units

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