Anavar pause during the Cycle: Madness or Possible?


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Hi All,

I got 50 tabs of Anavar (50mg Oxandrolone each) and I started my very simple Test+Anavar cycle.
But I have a problem and I need some tips from you guys.

Some infos:
- Test Cycle Length: 10 Weeks
- Anavar Cycle Length: 7 Weeks (50mg per day)
- This monday I'm starting the 4th week of Test so it's already working in the bloodstream.

I read that Anavar is best if located at the end of the cycle to bridge the 2 weeks between last inj and the PCT with the goal to maintain as much as possible gains.
So the best structure should be like that:
1 => 10 Week: Test
6 => 12 Week: Anavar
13 => 15 Week: PCT

BUT I want to start the Anavar before (4th week) because I have an event during the 6th week of my cycle and I need to be a little more leaner and vascularized.
So my question is:
Can I start the Anavar and pause it for 2 weeks?
I read that the half life of Anavar is 8 hours. So I can start it and stop it pretty fast with no major issues.

So my new plan will looks like that:
1 => 10 Week: Test
4 => 5 Week: Anavar
8 => 12 Week: Anavar
13 => 15 Week: PCT

Note: 2 weeks of Anavar ED => 2 weeks pausing it => 5 weeks of Anavar ED

In theory pausing it should be better for my health too due to fact that Anavar is toxic for the liver.
My liver will have the time to recover before the main dosage.

I want to know if I will go wrong pausing the Anavar? and why.
Replies with a scientific approach are welcome.

Thanks to all


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Listen you need to get you level of the Anavar in you and keep it. If you are so afraid of your Liver why do Anavar. It will take 8-10 days figure 10 for the Anavar to kick in. So a few days of Anavar and then stop WTF.

I think you would do better to keep your level of the Var up and steady. I would also lengthen the cycle to 12 weeks. I myself am not a believr of cycles less then 12 week if your goal for one is to build new n more MM.

What are your stats complete and cycle history Please.
Over all goals and this cycle goal.

............ OMM