Billy Bathgate's Acetone Extraction Method for Fina


Banned, had no choice
I like to use acetone instead of methenol. BP of acetone is about 140F and meth is around 180F (off the top of my head, its off Im sure).

Dissolve in acetone. Youll eventually see some white stuff in the bottom which is the binders. Filter in a coffee filters. Rinse the filter 2-3 times again with acetone to make sure you get it all. Take your acetone/tren solution and add about an equal amount of DI water. Now this is where its different. Some tren will have already dropped out of the acetone. Now put it on a hot plate and bring the temp up to about 90F. You could go higher if you want, but there is no reason to go past 140F. Let it sit there untill all the acetone evaporates off. It wont take long at 90F. Few ways to check to see its all off. You can use a thermometer. Place one in the solution at the beginning and note the temperature. Once the acetone is gone, the temp will raise significantly. Another way to check is to use a glass mirror. Hold the mirror above it. When it quits fogging up, most of the acetone will be gone. The third method is the good ol smell test. If it smells like acetone, well its not done. Its easy to tell really.

After you do that, let it cool to room temp. Now remeber, tren isnt very soluable at all in water, but it is SOME. So what we need to do is get ALL of it out since we are greedy juiceheads right? So put it in the freezer and let it get down to about 40F. Dont let it freeze though. With the temp that close to the freezing point, its safe to say that very very very little tren will be dissolved in it. Then filter and you have very pure tren. It works great actually.

Then you just add your tren into something to dissolve it, add oil and filter. You could still use a fina kit for the convienence of the supplies, but youll only need about 1/5-2/5 of the solvent they use which you can imagine how painless the product has potential for.

Acetone is a funny chemcial. If you let it evaporate on its own, with or without heat, it has a very bad habbit of leaving a "residue" on your tren. Thats why I suggest using the water.

Methanol usually doesnt leave anything, but I have detected small amounts from the old sniffer test. Methanol smells so nasty.

That is unless you have acess to a rotovap, which is pretty much a machine that will heat and apply vaccum to your solvent. This will rapidly remove all the acetone. But Im willing to bet that less than 1% of us do.

Also, applying low heat to a pure solvent tren mixture I have found to increase the rate of oxidation, which will leave you with some redish brown rusty looking tren. The water will prevent almost all of this since.
Ever consider a soxhlet type extraction with acetone for larger batches (i.e. >10 carts)? A column would do the same but the more I think about it the amount of mobile phase would be great for larger batches whereas a soxhlet would remain pretty low regardless of starting material.

...and a soxhlet is easy to setup in the kitchen (user friendly) and extremely efficient.

A quick setup...

BUMP this thread in a day or so and I'll draft a rough schematic and directions to a PDF file. I have a few more articles to write before this one.

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