Bio tech oxavar first cycle


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I am in my 5th week of biotech oxavar. This is my very first cycle of steroids...and I am only running oxavar and dhea. So far I have experienced strength gains, but also joint this normal? Is it due to the strength gains? I need a lot of help, as this is my first cycle and I would love to stay on an AAS...looking to either run another cycle of oxavar or go to winny. .. I am 5'3" and 128 pounds...I went from 122 to 128 in 5 this normal? My diet is really clean and I have been lifting for 9 years consistently. I have just decided to take my lifting from powerlifting to mass gains. I need HELP!!! I need advice on diet, cardio, anything I can get. Are my results normal? Please ladies!!!
Oh, and thank you in advance


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I dont think you have anavar. Sounds more like Winny, Anavar is not known to give joint pains. Not to mention the exact brand you are using was tested and proved to be winny instead of Var. Anavar is very difficult to make and is often faked. Check out this link for more info:


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I did bio tech var and did not experience any joint pain. Mine were 50 mg white with a scored line down the middle. I loved the results of the var from bio tech