Buffalo Meat... A+


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I recently picked up 24 oz (2- packs) of buffalo ground meat.

It seems anabolic and high in protein

4oz = 20grams of protein

Do you guys like buffalo meat???
pretty sure its the same protein content as beef. i think it just tastes like a high quality organic beef.
Buffalo/ Bison DOES have a higher protein content than does regular beef. It is also MUCH lower in fat.

I buy at least a few pounds a week at the Farmer's Market here in Austin. It's all grass-fed, no hormone, free-range and completely organic. To some it doesn't matter whether it's free-range and organic, but it does for me. All my food pretty much is organic / free-range. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE, in taste and health. The side is the price, but IMO, it's all worth it. We are what we eat...

Check out this site to learn more about the advantages of buying organic:


You can order Buffalo/ Bison from here (their the ones @ our Farmer's Market):

yea where the hell can i buy elk and buffalo meat then ?
do you think a local meat market would have it ?

sounds like its really low in fat and looks like its really high protein... just my kinda meat!
It is very lean, so it is best served medium rare--it is very easy to overcook because of its low fat content. I think it is wonderful, and what is available on the market is farm raised so it does not taste gamey. Unfortunately is can be quite expensive unless you find a sale on it.
huskyguy said:
Unfortunately is can be quite expensive unless you find a sale on it.
Really the only downfall, and a big reason why I don't eat it more regularly. Since we have no buffalo (nor are we close to any buffalo) here in Hawai‘i, costs are ridiculous; much like everything else here.