Clomid and Nolvadex - side effects ?

Jean Claude

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I finished a Dbol cycle a few weeks ago. I took Clomid for 10 days until I ran out and then started to take Nolvadex. Its been cica 17 days since my cycle ended.
The recovery is going well. I've maintained most of my gains, my libido is good, and I feel fine. The trouble is however....

I've started watching womens films. and crying.

I argue with my girlfriend. I accuse her of being interested in me only for sex and that she never wants me for what I am.
I tell her that "we never talk" and I sulk !

I spend ages deciding what to wear... before going to the gym !
Once in the gym, I find myself talking to the young attractive girls.. about fashion ! and how badly their boyfriends dress !

I went shopping for shoes yesterday (I NEVER shop for shoes !).
I tried on about 15 pairs in 5 different shops before returning to the first shop to buy the first pair I tried on....

HELP ME PLEASE !!! whats happening to me ????
Clomid is satan. j/k

That is the reason that I swore off clomid. I have used Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and noveldex post cycle my last 2 cycles and recovered fine.

1 im thinking of taking a cycle of dbol i have 200 5mg tabs. what is the dosage i should take.

2 i have noveldex too 20tabs of 20mg is that enough,and when should i start taking it.

i'm a little over weight 15 to 20lbs. will the atkins diet be ok when im on my cycle.

3 what can i expect while taking dbol.