Creatine Powder


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I wondering what would be a good way to help keep most of your gains and i was thinking about creatine but i no creatine is a little harsh on the kidneys, I was just wondering if anyone does this or what eltse i can do, I no your gona say diet and exsursize but i would like to take a little break.
You know I was told creatine was a good thing to do post cycle if you are getting off and maintaing high protien intake. I am piecing together my cycle bit by bit and I got some TRAC waiting for post cycle use. I will probably do it for like 5-6 weeks and then maybe do another cycle. I don't see anything wrong with the creatine. If you think you might have issues with the creatine drink some cranberry juice, 8oz ED or so. :)
In all honesty everything seems to be hard on liver. Milk thistle is ok for liver toxicity when you are cycling your AS and also drinking cranberry juice to flush the kidneys. Why is evey one so worried about a powder that is pretty much out of your system a short while after it not being consumed? AS is a lot worse than creatine. If I were to worry about one or the other, I would worry about AS. Get your liver checked pre and post cycle as well as all the other check ups you need to monitor your body to make sure its functioning properly. Its worth it in the long run. You only got one body!