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I have been working out for 8 months i have a good strict diet and last month i began to take cell tech and just 2 weeks ago i began taking nitrix. Im new to lifting and only know a little bit about supplements and where to get them for a good price. What kind of creatine do guys suggest I should take or supplements that might help me get bigger and where can i get a good price? thanks
Creatine ethyl ester as well as a good whey protein powder...

True Protein and Bulk Nutrition are two solid, reputable companies that offer quality, affordable supplements...
get the CEE (creatine ethyl ester) from the link in my sig. Its cheap, and you dont have to worry about the quality because its not from walmart.

for post workout protein, go with a whey isolate from the same link. Cold filtration, ion exchange, it doesnt matter. You could use this protein for other times of the day as well, but if you want, you could get a blend of proteins, like the premixed "teamSKIP" blend from TP that has 3 different proteins that digest at different rates, which would be good for bedtime shakes and other times during the day that are right after a workout.
What kind of creatine do guys suggest
Anything but cell tech really. It's certainly not bad, but way overpriced. Try regular creatine with grape fruit juice instead. Also, although I never tried it, I've been hearing a lot of good feedback on creatine CEE.