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Is it possible to get results and keep them from a 2-3 week cycle of dbol ? What results could be expected in such a small time ?
Would it be possible to retain 3-4 lbs or are we talking no gain what so ever ?
a couple of yrs ago i used to dumb stuff like that sometimes u feel a little boost but in retrospect i wouldnt do it again
Why do your plans consist of such a short cycle? Availability or what? If you don't really expect much I'd just stay natural, pickup some nice creatine ethyl ester and some other goodies and just get there yourself. 3-4 pounds isn't much at all, that shouldn't be too tough for you.
I expect most people would advise doing a longer cycle 8-10 weeks (and this is my preference), but having said that there one school of thought that I find intersting which I personally know is followed with some people who have definately feel that it works for them.

The thinking is as follows:

Rather than do 8-10 week cycles, followed by a similar period off, and then back on, you do 2-3 week cycles (which might well help you gain 1-2 kg of muscle), followed by 2-3 weeks off (during which you keep your gains) and then do 2-3 weeks back on, again adding 1-2 kg of muscle each time you do this. If you make small gains each time you do such a cycle, these over time add up to pretty big overall gains.

The thinking behind this is that short cycles like this do not greatly disrupt natural hormone production, meaning that you get a "boost" while on, and yet no great decline in natural production when off. This in turn means that every time you are on, your body remains very responsive to dbol. Further, so the thinking goes, is that these small, but regular gains, are far less likely to result in any tendon injury as the body slowly has time to adapt to gains, and also that any gains that you do get are much easier to hold on to naturally, due to the relatively short length of the cycles that have been taken.

NB - I am not persoally advocating that people do such cycles, but I am adding this simply for discussion purposes. I am anticipating in advance that most replies will disagree with the above line of thought.