Dealing with alopecia/hair loss at 21


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I apologize ahead of time as I know some of the questions I have may have pretty obvious answers but any help on my situation will be greatly appreciated..

So about a year ago I competed in men's physique, this was when I did my first and so far only AAS cycle. I pretty much got stressed out and depressed after my first show due to a lot of other things going on in my life, due to these things going on I couldn't continue competing and this unmotivated I guess so I completely stopped lifting for about a year, but about 6-7 months ago around my lowest point I started losing a patch of hair and now I have dozens of patches all different sizes and even a really large one about 4''x4'' pretty much everywhere except the top of my head, I started getting treated with steroid injections in the scalp that are fucking painful.. its been about 5 weeks since my first injection and I'm a week away from my next but... I'm losing even more and its now just starting to spot on top of my head, its only been on the sides until now so I get really low fades every week to help make it less noticeable. I still have to go to work and everywhere else like this so I have to be presentable and so its time to take the plunge and shave it all..

these are the questions I have below..

1.) is there a possibility that somehow aas contributed to this even with the time gap?
p.s. I recently found out I have a 2nd cousin that suffered from alopecia during a very stressful time in his life and my mom has a thyroid/auto immune disease (since alopecia is an auto immune disease ive read there could be some correlation)

2.) I most definitely plan on competing again and using AAS (correctly of course.. and I'm back to lifting with 7 years of lifting behind me, previous size/definition is coming back with dieting/training) will this have any effect with my current hair loss and/or the treatment I'm currently receiving (I know.. kinda dumb question but just in case)

Either way I don't care anymore if it all falls out, i've learned a lot through this experience and instead of feeling crippled by it, feeling like I couldn't go to work, couldn't lift because something was wrong with me, I overcame these thoughts and feelings and turned them into fuel for the gym, I feel empowered now and if I have to shave my head and be bald even for the rest of my life so fucking be it, not stopping my drive..


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Hi, You say you started getting treatment with steroids in your head, what steroids?? can you name it or them and also your protocol?


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Never got blood work for my first cycle, should I now?

Dermatologist is the one doing the treatment of *corticosteroids* scalp injections (sorry I should have specified