do you do cardio while on a mass cycle?

I hit it for like 20 minutes after each workout..helps keep some of the junk off i may be eating, plus i like getting the metabolism really kicking so when i eeat afterwards, it gets processed well..

I do it moderately for 20min postwork or on non workout days.I do it 4 times a week.It helps speed up metabolism so I can eat more.
20 mins 3x/week on the bike or walking on the treadmill. i only do it b/c i get too heavy otherwise (read FAT).
I don't do any type of cardio unless I am cutting. I figure that the cardio will burn the calories that I need to gain muscle. My philosophy on bulking is that the more calories the better. If I could be pushed around in a wheel chair all day and to the gym, and then get up and lift to save myself from burning calories. I would. I do cardio when I am cutting or I don't do any when I have DNP on hand.
tyhigs said:
specially 30 mins or longer sessions, 3 times or more per wk?

IMO you should do some sort of cardio while on, that way you keep some fat off you...I would do no more than 3-4x's a week though and keep it under 45mins...