Finasteride and Arimidex. My story


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So im a natty guy, 30 years old and healthy in all regards.

Unfortunately i inherited the bald gene witch made me undergo two hair transplants. Im now really happy with my hair but its crucial that i keep my native hair or it will all be for nothing.

So i started finasteride one year ago on the mark and it has been a roller coaster. I started with the full does 1mg ED. During the first 5 months i experienced sides like ball ace (common) oily skin, dry skin and problems with my sleep. I could handle this sides but it was when the classic ED and low libido kicked in i started to reevaluate . I cut down the dose to 0.5mg ED witch helped with the sides.... for a while. 7 months in (in total) i started getting the same sides, really weak boner and no sex drive. I said fuck this im going to take a break. I quit for a month witch took me back to normal.

I still didn't want to give up on the only drug that actually helps so i started again with 0.5mg EOD (mon, wen, fri). Felt fine for about 4 months until my nipples started to feel funny, like a burning/tingling sensation. I couldn't believe i was starting to get gyno sides so i jumped on Arimidex for the first time, 0.25mg EOD. This made the sensation go away and my libido go up and boner rock solid again. I took it for a month and then just quit thinking ive lowered my E2 and should be fine. What happens, my Estrogen levles spikes and i get gyno symptons and floppy dick again. I shit you not, could fold my dick in half when i had a boner. I was like fuck this and took 0.5mg Arimidex for three days and low behold, four days later gyno disappears , super high libido and fucking rock solid boner.

So my question is. Its obvious my sides is estrogen related when taking finasteride. Can i take a low dose Ari (0.25mg 3-4 times a week) indefinitely or as long as i take finasteride? That of course comes with regular blood work, checking E2 leveles and blood fats to be sure to be on the "sweet spot". Or is there a way to keep my estrogen levels down naturally? will the estrogen stay down by it self after a while if i slowly where of the arimidex?

You se my dilemma here. I was so super happy when i got my libio back and boner rock solid again, felt so fucking good. And im happy in a way that i know the root to the problem. Now its about managing it the best way possible.
Appreciate all help here. thank you.