First cycle journal Sustanon 350

Doing PCT now, nolva and clomid. I feel like I've lost everything. Strength wise I'm holding steady but I don't feel "pumped" anymore. Maybe that has something to do with it being colder now. The house isn't as warm, so I'm not as warm, even with a sweatshirt, so the blood isn't flowing as much. Whatever it is, it sucks. I know it's part of the deal, but there was nothing like the mid-cycle "full" feeling even when just sitting around doing nothing.

No other changes I can attribute strictly to being off cycle. Winter is a bad time for me, so any mood or motivation changes could be due to the snow, cold, and lack of sun, though my mood is ok and I don't usually have a problem with motivation.

Starting to think about my next cycle but only because I want to feel jacked again. Not sure I'll actually do another.

Yes its cold here too, 27 deg! I think that contributes to a flatter look. But believe it or not your mind is playing tricks on you. You think you look smaller because you are expecting it.

Remember time off = time on + PCT time.

Enjoy your PCT
Well it hasn't been going great. I got real sick around Christmas. I never get sick, at least not anything more than a sniffle. I was down and out for a week. I kept eating ok but wasn't able to train at all.

I've been back at it for two weeks now and finally feel I'm to the point I was before I got sick. It's hard to say if I've lost anything. Strength wise I'm holding steady. I don't dare get on the scale yet. "Pump" wise I feel a little deflated. Attitude wise, I'm pissed and eating and training like a madman. I haven't missed a meal or snack in 2 weeks and in fact I'm eating more than ever.

I'm hesitant to think about another cycle because it seems like I had a lot of problems this time, but I think that might be how it goes, so maybe I'll come up with something to start around May. Possibly sustanon again? Maybe .5 eod?
I started to go from Sub250 to Test E250 in the middle of the cycle and back to sub250

Since Sub250 has (4)ether and might as well just find one with Test E that's all 250mg rather split into 4 ether.

One cannot take .5 of the sub250 takes awhile for it to settle in..7-20 days....If you want you can try Test P that's in and out in a few hours.This is for cutting mainly from what I've seen.

I would do a cycle making sure I'm ready to go and not feeling under the weather.If you do..back off on training a little.It's a little shock to the system and let it get used to the new compound that's being used.When I would come off cycle and it seems if I was a little sick before the cycle,it picks up where I left off so I only do cycles when my body is healthy and my surrounding controlled.Never got sick again.I would ease up on the anti-estrogens until you can handle a dose...maybe need half.