First cycle - test enanthate/propionate & dbol (12 weeks)


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So basically I'm new to this site and thought I'd finally sign up and post my own thread, detailing my own (planned) cycle. It is a Test E/P and Dbol cycle and is as follows:


Weeks 1 - 9: Test E (350mg/w)
Weeks 1 - 4: Test E (350mg/w) & Dbol (40mg/d)
Weeks 5 - 9: Test E (350mg/w)
Weeks 10 - 12: Test P (350mg/w)
Weeks 2 - 12: HCG (500 iu/w)
Weeks 1 - 12: AI (Arimidex or Aromatase) on hand throughout, ready for immediate use as and when needed (almost certainly will need to implemented at some stage due to it being a first cycle and Dbol).


Weeks 13 - 17: Nolvadex (50/50/25/25)
Weeks 13 - 17: Clomid (75/50/50/25)

How does this cycle look? (Any feedback is welcome). The reason for exchanging Enanthate for Prop during the final 3 weeks is in order to allow me to start PCT virtually immediately after the cycle itself ends, rather than having to wait 2/3 weeks before doing so (thereby reducing the time off I need prior to starting my next cycle).


I'm currently 24 years old (turning 25 this year, specifically in 2 months time)
I'm 6ft 4
Roughly 16% bodyfat.


I have gymmed consistently since I was 18, however my diet has often let me down. I understand diet is key when on a steroid cycle in order to achieve maximum gains and to make the steroids actually worth it - I can assure you while undertaking this cycle (and beyond) my diet will be close to perfect.

I think its worth mentioning that I've also religiously studied steroids and cycling for around the last 3 years - I'm not just jumping into this (as a surprising amount of users on these forums seem to do). Hopefully this is apparent from the look of my proposed cycle.
You need to learn how to eat before you cycle. Prove to yourself you can gain weight. I'm 6'2 and 120kg and just started my second cycle. I'm an old hypogonadal fck and I bulked with test levels of an 80 year old man. You have the advantage of great test levels naturally.

You studied steroids religiously for 3 years and still came up with this cycle? That's like the devout Christian who shoots an abortion doctor- you missed the main point.

You gotta learn how your body reacts to test and aromatizing compounds. Learn what ai dose you need. Get blood work. Start with test only. Pick a single ester. Keep it simple.

Ai "on hand and ready for immediate use"? Ain't how it works. Like saying "if I found out the chick I was banging out has vd, I'll immediate wash my dick off and put a condom on". Too fcking late.

Read up.
Eat up.
Don't run anything until you fix your diet and put some weight on.
Your reasoning for using test prop at the end of your cycle so you can do another cycle faster afterwards doesn't make much sense. Time on plus pct equals time off. If your that concerned about it, you should just use test prop throughout. You're going to have one hell of a time trying to dial in your ai. Your starting with dbol and then using test prop at the end. Your test levels from using enanthate will still be elevated while using test prop. Dbols are basically estrogen bombs too. All this going on in your first cycle. Seriously, fuck all that! I would consider using test e only. Get used to pinning different sites and dialing in your ai. Look into hcg too. Your going to have your hands full with what you have planned...
your weight seems extremely light for your height , and its not like your low body fat , heck get down to 10% bf and you'd prob weigh only 79k.
I'd go get some blood work done and get a hormone panel and check your natty test levels. your either deficient, or you really really do not know how to eat and train properly.
I'm only 5'9.5 tall and 90 kilos, and I consider myself very thin and an ectomorph. I can't imagine being 7 inches taller and weighing a lot less.

get diet and training down and learn how to grow with food , after you get blood work . then think about running a simple test only cycle.
your cycle is not horribly put together , its not bad. just an fyi though , you don't run test and dbol together and think your only going to need an AI in hand, no your going to need to run the AI when you run test and dbol
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Listen as said you missed a lot. All this complicated cycle is not what you need. YOU need to read and learn about Aromatization, Estrogen and more. Dbol being an Aromatase bomb. You do not need Dbol or Prop for 1st cycle.

You apparently don't realize when your test goes up so will follow your E2, hence the need for an AI. You don't keep an AI on hand. Learn that is preventative medicine for the unwanted side effects of high Estrogen. There are a host of side effects and not just Gyno. Again AI is to control your estrogen, not block it but control.

Please do not move forward until you get more educated because with all respect you do not understand much of what you need to know.

All you newbies say you read but then come up with these outlandish cycles like you / they think that they're difenent , special or have a better plan then the basic one that works. Proven works.

Learn to eat and train hard. Put on some weight and more muscle before you start any cycle. Just as was told to you here ^^^.

This from Roush : just an fyi though , you don't run test and dbol together and think your only going to need an AI in hand, no your going to need to run the AI when you run test and dbol
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