First cycle. ******* Testoviron testosterone enanthate 500mg per week 12 weeks.


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Hello everyone,

I am going to run my first cycle soon. I live in Thailand (aka the land of smiles) and I am able to buy testosterone over the counter at the pharmacies here. I purchased ********** brand Testoviron 250mg test enanthate per ml 24 amps. I am going to do a 12 week cycle.


Age: 25 years old.
Weight: 170lbs/77kgs or so. (probably closer to 175lbs/79kgs. I will weigh myself before I cycle on and get exact numbers.)
Height: 5'11"/181cm
BF%: 8-10%?
Experience lifting: 5 years off and on. ( I really let myself get out of shape the last year. When I first moved to Thailand I dropped a lot of weight due to stress, lack of sleep, diet shock, and my job. I used to be in much better shape than I am now.)

Here is my plan:

Test 500mg per week for 12 weeks split into 2 injections per week.
HCG 500 IUs per week for 12 weeks split into 2 injections per week. (Should I keep using HCG until I begin PCT?)
Exemestane (Aromasin) 12.5mg to 25mg ED for 12 weeks. (Not 100% sure on how much to dose and should I take it until I begin PCT?) *1


Starting at week 14
Clomid 75/50/50/50
Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

This cycle is kind of based around this thread:

I will be starting this cycle around mid January if everything is in order. I will not begin this until I have absolutely everything in place including diet and training plans.

I will get the proper blood tests before beginning, hopefully get one mid cycle and I will definitely get one post cycle.

*1 As for the AI I am not 100% sure how to proceed. I have read some cycle experiences that were dosed at 12.5mg everyday (Aromasin/Exemestane) at the start, or at week two. Also I have heard keep them on hand, but don't use them unless you start experiencing some side effects. Other cycles have stated that you should take 25mg a day. I am quite lean and never had problems with acne as a teen, so I suspect that sides shouldn't be too much of an issue; however, I want to prevent any sides rather than trying to cure them when they've already become an issue.

Here are a few pics:
View attachment 565956View attachment 565957View attachment 565958View attachment 565959View attachment 565960
(Sorry about the orientation. I tried rotating the pictures and re-uploading to no avail. I will try to fix this for future posts or use and image host.

I will try update every injection and document everything from progress to general thoughts and feelings.

Thank you everyone. Any advice or comments are considered and greatly appreciated. I look forward to this journey and I hope you guys will enjoy my documentation of the journey.
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You have to lift weights and train first son. Whats your training routine like and for how long? You have a solid base and even a 6 pack going on but your arms and chest are the issue.
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I wish that I could walk into a pharmacy and get test lol. You are doing a textbook first cycle so that part looks good. There is alot more to growing than gear. Judging by your pics, you have some weight training opportunities as well as diet. What do those look like?


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This ^^^ is good advice here ^^ :)

Welcome to the board, the best place to get the information and some important knowledge you need
BEFORE you begin the cycle. You look to some degree but ready but certain parts seem to be lagging. Such as your chest and where that ties into your shoulders.

With good calories and the right training you can fill that in a bit natty before you pull the trigger.

Since you are going to fill with some water when on cycle try to gain some hardness to your physique. 8 months of hard training you could put on 8 maybe 10 lbs of LMM an be ganed during those months. Believe me 8-10 of Lean Muscle Mass is a lot. The point in using AAS is to give you the ability to break thru and increase your NATURAL potential and I see you have more, much more potential clean.

Good luck, the old guy here :)

Good luck and stay with us