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Steelers = SuperBowl
I understand that everyone has their favorites: Favorite companies, favorite supps, etc.

But when you are debating an issue on this forum, as well as any other forum on this board (save for the Chat Forum), please understand that it is inappropriate to use name calling as a tactic in your posts. Its just unprofessional and it is not allowed on these kinds of forums.

The consequences of name calling will be that you will be warned by the Admins in a PM and if any further name calling occurs after your warning, then we will be forced to ban your account.

I do not believe I am asking for something out of the ordinary here. People come to these forums to talk, debate, improve their wealth of knowledge, etc. Name calling is something we all did in grade school and it should have stayed there, it shouldnt have followed you in your later years to these forums.

Thanks for your time on this matter but we are attempting to nip it in the bud before it gets any worse.

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Not open for further replies.