Gear dosing question


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Im currently on cycle, but i was thinking about something. You guys can bash this thread and thats fine, but i want to read your input. No matter how much gear a person is on, the body still has a limit on to how much muscle it can put on. So for example, it wouldnt matter say for a 200 pound man to go on 2 grams of test. 500 mgs of test a week would do it for him. If he went on 2 g's of test a week he would basically be pissing oil. Because the body still has a limit to how much muscle it can put on. However, for a 250-260 pound man it would be different. 2 g's of test would be A lot more beneficial to him than compared toa 500 mgs a week.

Please your thoughts on dosing.
1. Yes as you hold more muscle you need more gear.
2. For a reasonably lean 200 lb man 500 mgs test would provide great gains in muscle but not the most muscle he could *possibly* gain in that period. 2,000 mg per week would produce more muscle than 500 in that man all other factors being equal.
It is also important to note that with increased dosages come increased sides and risk to health. Just because someone can run 2 grams doesn't mean they should if they only need 500mg.
Exactly what lift said. Gains and Gear do not have a linear connection. IE, if you gain 10lbs on 500mg, it doesn't mean you'll gain 40lbs on 2grams. There is a direct connection between dosage and gains, but they are not equal. Along with diminishing returns comes increased side effects.
damn straight OUTLAWTAS2 well said im giving you a green in rep