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I thought I would share some general info on injections for the newbies that have such a hard time and seem to fear the worst or get scared when they have some typical unwanted issues happen when they pin.

As it is obvious I am not new to this. pin shoulders , glutes and now pectoral's. I have several times done quads but don't like quad injections. FOR ME. Now I know how to do this correctly but this is what happens. I seem to always seem to nick a nerve and I quiver and the injection hurts all thru-out. Many time I squirt blood. BUT never do I have a problem other then what I just said. All my other sites , no problem, some I have a LITTLE pip once in a while however that's par for the course I am sticking my body with a small needle WTH

Today I decided its been a long while I need a rotation so I'll do my Quad. Did all proper protocol and a vey good location. As soon as it pinned it hurt, I nicked a nerve and quivered but continued. No blood this time, my quads usually bleed.

For the second injection 1-1/2 mL / cc I pinned my shoulder (delt). NO PAIN but a little bubble of blood. Injection there was painless and pleasing Ha!!

So listen Simple Simon tells me, hey man those quads FOR YOU aren't a good place, Why well at this point I don't care. What did I do wrong? NOTHING so Mike doesn't do quads. I don't worry get upset or go thru painstaking questions. I just stay away from Quads.

I do glutes and some time I have bleed like a stuck pig, but all is well. What did I do? Well I may have been off my mark, SO WHAT. Moving right along with no problem ensuing. A few times PIP what did I do wrong, huh I don't worry I get over it. This is how it is after all these years.

If you are sterile and pin into a muscle there will not be a problem. If you miss a little and get into some fat tissue, no problem. It will get absorbed at some time frame. I NEVER aspirate and I bleed sometimes well I may have hit a vein straight on, but ya know I realize I haven't injected into it because I move and the vein moves and the needle is perpendicular. In reality I cant get but a minuscule of oil in it and I won't die. NEVER in my career (1980-2016) have I ever (me) heard of anyone falling down and dying if they injected a little gear in their vein.

So just know that you are sticking your body with a small object , injecting some oil and it can sting, it can bleed and it can be/get sore. Other than infection get over it and know it is what it is. I won't hit my quads for a long time again.

Good luck and I hope this sheds just a little light on some fears and questions you have. ... OMM :)
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Mike, I've recommended this a couple times but this seems as good a place again as any. Use the tapping technique to find a spot where those pesky nerves AREN'T hanging out.

It's really easy; once you've wiped down the site with alcohol (use circular motions moving outwards), take your loaded syringe and lightly tap (you can alternately use a finger tip BEFORE wiping with alcohol) the area. You'll notice how some areas are WAY more sensitive to the touch, and some you can barely feel the tapping. That's where you want to inject.

I've very rarely hit a nerve using this technique, and if I do, it's usually when injecting a large volume of oil that presses against a deep nerve. I don't get the twitch, but there's definitely an unwelcome pressure that radiates several inches away. PIP can result, but as long as you LEAVE THE SITE ALONE (only mild pressure to stop bleeding), it should be minimal. :)

Just thought I'd throw my .02c in here. :wavey:
Hey halfwit you know I appreciate any advise from you and some others. I'll try what you said an see if it works. I don't remember your recommendation , but ya know what that kid said it's those bi-polar meds doing a number on my memory ha! lol !

But ya know I was making a point that some of these things are just what they are and not such a big worry. Ya know what I said about my friend Mr. Simon says if it is a bad spot for someone , well don't go there, move on to one that works and in time you might figure it out.

I wanted to get the point across to relax all these injection issues are not so serious and you aint gonna die or loose a limb. With the exception being an infection.

So thanks for the input it's all so valuable for all of us and more so for the newbies.
AND ya know man I'm not hurt that you made me out to be a dummy and a stupid old man. :dumbass: You know just how easily I would get my feelings hurt.

You're ok in my book... :D
Actually, I was more or less just adding to the GREAT advice you have given as I know newbies will be reading this. Zero disrespect intended whatsoever! :)

I'm a troubleshooter by nature, so when I see something to solve - my brain starts looking for solutions. I absolutely agree with Simon, and as such, I keep needles out of my glutes unless I absolutely HAVE to as cramping is just no bueno for my inflexible ass. :p

You're more than ok in my book brother. :agreed:
i have the same nerve twitch in my quads and i feel like its worse the slower i jab myself so ive been darting it in and my pip has gone down quite abit
Injection site pain for 3 days

Hi guys im on my first cycle and i decided to start with sus 250mg. I have been training for 2 years and i finally got the balls to do a cycle after reading for hours especially thos site. I am on my second week at 750mg and have some painafter injection. My first week i shot my delts omg lol it hurt soo bad i couldnt lift but pushed through it and did anyway. Week 2 now im doing glutes not as bad but still in some pain. Has anyone experienced this with this gear?im using 1.5" pin 3cc syr. Thanks
It's not the length needle as the 1-1/2" is ok to use for delts. It seems you are having problems where ever you pin. Sust is a blend and anytime you use a blend with short esters there will be a good chance of PIP.

I don't care for any of the blends myself for the reasons of the different times of delivery. And I really haven't gotten a blend that didn't have some sting....

Just my 2 cents

Oh , PS: what are your stats if I may ask? And why are you doing Sust for a first cycle?? AND also at a dose of 750 ? What else is in your cycle. Are you using an AI? and do you have your PCT in order?
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