Greetings from the land of Oz!!


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A big g'day to the steroidology squad!

It's terrible but I joined up in 09 and... forgot I guess. I got the birthday message every year (thanks Steroidology!!!) and have only just now come on board as an active member.

I'm 35, male, 6"3, and had been getting around at 131 kilograms/288 pounds/20 stone for a few years from some power lifting and an eat anything diet. BF% unknown but probably high.

I'm a little older and wiser now and due to my slightly poor health (overweight, high blood pressure, high LDLs, low HDLs, high cholesterol) and 2 x left knee arthroscopes, I have just dieted myself down to 101 kilograms/222 pounds/15 stone (BF% still unknown) from the 9th of January this year to being the 3rd of April which has been a bit crazy with how fast it's been.

I have been in and out of the gym for 15 years and been on and off various cycles in that time with a whole bunch of some really silly life choices made in that time. I've been the big man doing security in clubs and on the gear which was cool as a bachelor but I've now got some different goals and ideas for my future in terms of training and cycles.

Still currently cutting weight and via cardio and lighter weight training and looking for a little more weight loss and to be double digits in kgs. Am also micro dosing with boldenone, nadrolone, phenylpropionate to wake the body up and increase a bit of the protein synthesis/assist recovery and will tren ace it at the end. I'll then re-introduce some heavier weights and some select and specific gear with the view to put some lean muscle on my hopefully pre 2003 athletic body.

Maybe too detailed of an intro but my studies and current job have really brought it out of me and I try to communicate as well as I can these days.

It's nice to be a part of this forum and I look forward to being involved in many discussions in the future.

Thanks and good day gentlemen.


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yeah the testosterone phenylpropionate. it's about 150-170mgs/ml and pretty nice. NO SHIPPING TALK READ ALLOWED
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