HELP, can I start test enanthate after one week of only dbol


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This is my first cycle, I have cycled SARMS a few times before but have not done anabolics until now.

I wanted to see how my body would react to dianabol without getting started with too much else in my system. I am fairly happy with the results so far,
I have been on 20 mg or dbol ed for 5 days now, and would like to start taking test enanthate at 500mg /week.

I have done some research however there are many varying opinions and it is hard to find any regarding my current situation. Mostly everything I have seen states that you should start taking test at the same time as dbol. Is it ok for me to start a week into taking dbol?
My test enanthate will arrive in a few days so I would be starting after a full 7 days of being on only dbol.
In addition to this, I have read that taking an AI in conjunction with the two is a good idea, I've definitely already noticed some suppression symptoms in the way of lethargy and sensitivity, so I am planning on adding this to the cycle.

Currently, my plan is to cycle this:
week 1-6 dbol 20mg ed
week 2-12 test enanthate 500mg /week, taken in 250mg dose twice per week
week 2-12 aromasin 12.5mg ed
week 12-15 clomid 50mg ed first 2 weeks, 25mg ed third week

Potentially mix some sarms in if I feel my body is in a good place during the cycle.

I know I could have done a bit more research on dbol but I was impatient and wanted to see how I would react to it before committing to the cycle.

Mainly, I am not confident in the AI part of the cycle as I have not had experience in taking AI's. Is this too long to be on aromasin? Should i lower the dose after I've finished the dbol? Is it too late to start AI and test after 7 days of only dbol? Should i scrap the whole cycle and do a few weeks of clomid then nothing before trying again?

I appreciate any help available. thanks.


Well-known member can start the test a week or two in. Can think of no reason why not, other than figuring out your AI
And AI is likely necessary but bloodwork will tell you this for sure. Waiting for symptoms is an extremely irresponsible way to go about it....and often too late. Everyone is different....some people get very high estrogen on a fairly lose dose of test. That said, some people get no sides from even a fairly high estrogen level while some show symptoms in the high normal range. Blood work and experimentation is necessary. This is the only reason bro science is still alive at all