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Hello everyone I'm new over here and fairly new to "gear" I'll start w my stats and what I have taken beside gnc type stuff. I am 30yro 5'5 175 @ apx 12% bf was at 160 w apx 9%bf but school and shoulder injury made me eat like a pig.. Two weeks cardio I'll be back to 160 and ready for a stack.. Oh and I came off my hgh which prob helped.. I am an amateur MMA fighter looking to sneak another 2-5yrs out of my career.. I have terrible joint pains and tendonitos from wrestling and training since age 9 so deff no winnys for me.. My diet is very clean and proper I am a personal trainer and athlete my question are totally about aas.
I really want to stay away from test due to the fact of having to already cut a lot of weight from 160 to fight at 145 and may even try to shoot for 135 if I can walk around at 155. So my goal is keeping muscle and staying very strong while cutting. I know I am not cut enough yet to include the sauce and deit and training are more important just getting stocked up.. I am also very sensitive to creatine and get bloated. Since I turned 20 everyone sorry I've been juicing and haven't touched anything till this year so deff don't want to get any bigger w my 5'5 stature. So this brings me to what I have been on. I took 40mg(sorry not sure the correct units) Ed 6weeks got very hard and lean and kept most.
Never took a post cycle therapy (pct) had my "guy" swear he never took and for such a low does not needed bc it's not a hormone... When I was on no sex problems was prob hornier then before but post cycle noticed my loads were super small so I questioned my guy said it's in my head so I started reading about post cycle therapy (pct) w the Anavar (var) is needed I took 12weeks off stayed taking my test tribulus and zma loads went back to normally so felt fine.
-so is post cycle therapy (pct) really necessary for Anavar (var) at all or just to speed up the natural test? Bc I have read that it will be lowered while on.
Next I have been on hgh 2iu month 1 daily by 4th took 4iu 5pm 2off daily till for about for months had to stop for due to expenses I front loaded 40mg Anavar for 3weeks again no post cycle therapy (pct) for the Anavar (var) but no change in balls size or loads fig bc so short such low dose( I know 3weeks low dose does nothing I had them wanted a kick start on my growth. Also took igf first 1.5mnth at 30iu after lifting.. Felt awesome on this combo but added up in price.. And sticking everyday is a pain w the gf around! I was walking at 160 and got crazy strong.. To strong as all my joints started killing me from being "off mma work out" and bulking was lifting way to have.. Chest press was at 350 for reps squatting 460 for reps.. Rewrecked my shoulder and knee along w te rest of me.. Do to money and being hurt came off everything.. Body's a like 90% so I'm getting g ready to train for a fight and plan a cutting stregth stack.

Thinking of going back on hgh , Clen, Anavar (var) or t3, eq, Anavar (var) some sort of this combo I would like to throw some deca in but the 18mnth window of getting tested I don't want take the chance only want to take for joint pain.

What Do u guys think of the stacks
I like the idea eq increases rbc and therefore great for cardio but not as good as Clen still. Thoughts? Why is post cycle therapy (pct) needed
I like t3 bc increase metablism through the throid and when off thiroid goes back to normal. Again thoughts no post cycle therapy (pct) needed w this right?
Anavar- already asked but post cycle therapy (pct) etc
I really want to stay away from taking a post cycle therapy (pct) due to money.. I want to keep my body as safe as possible I have done tons of reading but need some feed back now. I have a buddy who is stackkg masteron eq and t3 but he is already in single digits bf(heard masteron is awesome but need to be in single digit bf to really cycle) he has been on stuff for years, has no intentions of taking a post cycle therapy (pct)... I know for the masteron nothing is needed post cycle therapy (pct) for gyno... But is ot still needed also have read about post cycle therapy (pct) afte eq..

So can you guys chime in add stuff take stuff out etc.. My goals are soly to cut and stay stong and for recover so i can train as gard a possie. I bulkrd so I can also afford to lose some muscle I am already as strong or stronger then anyone in my weight class.. Thanks to all in advance sorry it's so lengthy