Help with Testicular Atrophy

Hey Guys, so finally got my test results....... I am a bit confused and shocked ............ So here are my results......

8th Feb 2018
Free test 13.20 ( Normal range 8.80-27.00 pg/ml)
Total Test 539 ( Normal range 241-827 ng/dL)

13th March 2018
Free test 6.21 ( Normal range 8.80-27.00 pg/ml)
Total Test 247 ( Normal range 241-827 ng/dL)
Estradiol 13 ( normal range 11.6- 41.2 pg/ml)
TSH 1.37 ( Normal range 0.35-5.50 uiU/ml) ( Thyroid Hormone)
LH 4.8 ( Normal range 1.5-9.3 mlu/ml)
FSH 1.5 ( Normal range 1.4-18.1 mlu/ml)
PROLACTIN 5.20 ( Normal range 4-18 ng/ml)
SHBG 51.80 ( Normal range 11.20-78.10 nmol/L)

So my free and total and total test dropped halved in a month, which left me completely shocked. So i asked the lab to run them again to be sure and this time the result was :

20th March 2018
Free test 9.47 ( Normal range 8.80-27.00 pg/ml)
Total Test 369 ( Normal range 241-827 ng/dL)

Although everything else seems normal, I dont understand why there is so much fluctuation in my total and free test... I dont know what to make of it..... Anyways , what do you think should be the next step? Should i see an endo? or start with hcg or clomid protocol because there is still no firmness down there.. altho sometimes it feels like its improving but sometimes its back to being all soft and limpy :( I have stopped taking any test boosters, macca, even zma for now to see how body responds on its own.... Hopefully it will recover.... But please guide me as to what should be my next steps and if this fluctuation is normal??
Are you taking the blood tests in the morning, and same time for each?

You've got low test and decent LH, which points the fingers toward your testicles. As I said before I'd do a course of HCG until their size was restored, then come off the HCG and do a PCT with nolva and clomid.
Is the fluctuation between the test normal??? And I read somewhere hcg only helps while you are on cycle or in pct.... It's been one year since I did a cycle and I thought I'll recover but I haven't.... so I am not sure if hcg will help my case??? Also I was advised to take Clomid and nolva to jump start testesterone production ..... please advice as to what will be the corrective course of action in my case??? Hcg and then Clomid nolva or ditch hcg completely and do only Clomid nolva..