how much should i take?


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i have been taking test enanthate for two and a half weeks now. and i have some winstrol i got feed back from you guys that i should not take the winstrol and that i was not taking enough test. I am taking 1 cc 250 mg per week. If that is not enough how much should i be taking? I also have been noticing alot of water weight or fat gained . I want to get bulked up and lean down eventually thats why i got the winstrol. but i was informed because it was my first cycle , that I should just take the test.
How much should i be taking?
250mg is enough but if you're gonna run a low dose cycle like that you have to run it for about 15weeks... if you want to run like a 10 week cycle or something like that run 500mg/week of test 2cc
Yup. There's really no need for winstrol, it will not (like all steroids) help you lose weight. My guess is that you are getting bloat and not fat (post up your diet...but it's not likely your putting on a lot of fat unless your eating a shitload). To get rid of it, you can try some Adex @ .5mg ED. You can get it from researchology. It will also help to prevent gyno.

Some people say they have seen gains from using 250mg/we of test...however, the sides that you experience @ 250 mg/wk and @ 500mg/wk are (for the majority of people) the same. There is a direct correlation between weight gain and the amount of testosterone taken (within reason of course, and assuming all other aspects are equal and diet/training/sleep etc are in check). Obviously when you go to extreme doses the sides can surpass the worthiness of the gains.
How big are you to begin with? If your 175lb 250mg of test a week is plenty to start seeing gains with the right food intake. If thats the case I would take half a cc twice a week just to keep the hormone levels steady. If your a bigger guy bump the dose up to 500mg a week, but do the same and take 250 twice a week. That might help!
there is nothing wrong with 250mg week. take it for 6 weeks and if your not happy with the strength and size gains from it then up it to 500 if you like. don't let anyone talk you into more if you want to try a lower dose. everyone responds diffently to different esters and different doses. maybe you can make reasonable and maintainable gains from 250 per week. i think that most people start with 500 a week because it is the most popular first cycle and most of us have no idea what would happen if we di 250mg per week for our first cycle, including me.
i am taking i shot of 250 mg twice a week. testosterone enanthate
190 ibs
21 years old
should i take more? less?

i also have a bottle of winstrol 100 mg per ml 20 ml
i want to take it but i think i should wait intill im done with this test
and after my off cycle through it in with some more test. Anyone have advise?
my diet is I am 6'1 190lbs 21 years old first cycle 500 mg test enanthate a week
8:00 am 6 boiled eggs with pasta or rice
11:00 am 2 chicken breasts with two baked potatoes
4:00 TWO HAMBURGER PATTIES OFF OF the geoerge foreman grill with rice or veges
6:00 60 gram protein shake
8:00 2 chicken breasts
10:00 32 gram protien muscule milk while working out
12:30 another 32 gram protien shake or chicken breast
I took 250 mg a week and gained about 15-20 off my first cycle, ate like hell but saw good results, so did everyone else.