Humatrope side effects/effects questions


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with big pharma brands like lilly, pfizer, novo nordisk, etc, you don't really need to get bloods, you can just verify its legitimacy online by the UPC numbers on the box.

i'm not sure how much experience you have with GH, if any at all, because 5iu is really a lot of GH if it's actually real humatrope.

i've used my fair share, only pharmaceutical, and 3iu was sufficient really. excellent excellent results from 3... but i also was on that dose for about 5 months. i'm on about 2.5iu a day of humatrope at the moment and i'm really happy with the results.

and unless you are literally trying to become a professional bodybuilder you do not want to go up to 5iu of this, let alone 5iu for only a month. it's literally pointless because the whole point of buying GH is to actually BE ON GH and to ride the wave for as long as you can because it's the best shit ever. try running 3iu 5x a week and if you feel the need to go up then do it. although i don't think you'll have to if you train right and eat right.

well said that


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i've used only pharmaceutical, and 3iu was my sweet spot. but i also was on that dose for about 5 months. currently i am on 2.5iu a day of humatrope and couldnt be happer with the awesome results.


well let me say that i've been on humatrope since march, 2.3 - 3.4iu daily. i personally liked my norditropin cycles better, not sure why.


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I've been on HGH script for 5 years now. Insurance pay 100%. All you need to do is go to an endocrinologist that's well verse in growth hormone. You'll have to 2 stress test on your pituitary ( insulin and glucagon) each are 3-4 tests to see how much GH you produce every 15 mins. If you have the majority below 5 nano grams (10 in others) than you get real HGH. You know your at the right doctor when they tell how you dont have to pay the copays and your HGH is real. I take little more than .5 ius and my igf1 is at 260.


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Hi guys
So I got lilly humatrope 72 iu and I got 2 of it
Am planning to run it for a month 5 iu everyday
I want to know if I got a legit stuff so I can order more later
So my question is what effects/side effects
That I will get
And it will indicate that it is a legit stuff
I heard about joint pain and hand swallowing is that a coomon side effect and an effect that can indicate that my gh is legit?

test it.


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in america you can do the same. if you find a corrupt doctor, which is definitely more common here than in sweden, he will write you anything. depending on your plan and his reason for prescribing you it, insurance will sometimes cover 100% of the cost. at least with my plan they will..
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