I heard this from someone on another board regarding sportlab


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Tx and Biggie, is it true that you guys are going to be carrying sportlab products in your online store?!?!?!? If so, you have a customer, bigtime!!!! But my question is, will you guys be able to compete pricewise with the other people that carry it? Pacific has some really good prices on SL supps.:beer: :devil: :beer:
interesting to hear if this is true. alot of people that i know from right here in the good old US of A have been wanting to give SLab a try. all those damn canadians are hyping it up hehehe. will we be possibly seeing Sportlab availble to us south of igloo known as CANADA. hehe.
Hmmm. Interesting that people somehow heard about this but yes its true. We are looking to carry the whole SportLab line of products and they will be available in both the US and Canada. We will have two Shipping Distribution Centers. Shipping for orders in the US will be done within the US. Shipping for orders in Canada will be done within Canada. As far as prcies go, we are looking to be as competitive as anyone out there. If we are not, we will strive to be. You mentioned Pacific and just as an FYI, our prices will be just as good.

Any more questions about the Online Store, post them here.
Also, the Online Store is being worked on as we speak. Graphics are being done and the Software is being installed. Looking to launch the opening by mid-end of April.
BiggieSwolls said:
Hmmm. Interesting that people somehow heard about this but yes its true. ...

LOL, people on these boards gossip like teenage schoolgirls. No offense to teenage schoolgirls intended :)
VERY COOL!!! Sportlab is the shit!! i look forward to hearing how the US bros like canadas best selling supps
Actually I sent out a mass email the other day about the server problems and in it included all the products that we are looking to carry. All of the products listed in the email are SportLab products and we are very pleased that they have decided to join us in this venture.
They actually have a banner up right now at the top of the forum. If you keep refreshing long enough, it will come up.

Anyways, they are a fairly new Canadian Supplement Company but they have recieved amazing reviews. They are thus far a very successful company and are looking to expand into the US through us here at Steroidology and some other avenues. The ownership group is great and they are actually real members of our community so they know what we want as bodybuilders and are always striving to improve in any area they can. They have some very unique products that appeal to guys and girls like us.
This is great...

SportLab is great ive been taking in their supps for a while now...i have no reason to change to any other company...i think its great for them they wil be able to reach bro's in the US cuz i think they can benefit from these guys...

oh.....and IcedTea Plasmavol is this shit!!!...and its great to know they are actulaly part of this comunity...

Easto said:
Does anyone still have the email Biggie sent out with the supplements?

I went and copied this from the email:

- A top of the line Whey Protein and a Pure Isolate Whey Protein
- A Weight Gainer (High Carb/High Protein)
- Creatine Monohydrate
- L-Glutamine
- A great joint relief product (containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin)
- An ECA stack
- Pure Whey Isolate Powder
- An awesome post workout supplement (a nicely put together formula containing Creatine, ALA, Glutamine and Dextrose)

We will carry the complete SportLab line of products and they will be available to both the US and Canada. Shipping will be quick, always sent out at most the next day from the time an order is placed and shipping is always done within the country the order is placed because we will have 2 distribution centers: one in Canada, one in the US. Basically we are going to be the first official US Distributor for SportLab and we are very excited about this.