Ibutamoren – The Best Legal HGH Alternative


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Ibutamoren is one of the best legal HGH or human growth hormone alternative available in the market today. It is very powerful and has the great effect on human body’s metabolism process. Ibutamoren can increase your strength as well as your bone density. It is believed that Ibutamoren has a positive result on our cognitive ability. As it is legal, this product can be purchased openly and taken orally. There are companies that promote this product as a SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. Due to this, it is very popular in the bodybuilding circle. However, MK 677 works differently from other SARMs.

Trusted Ibutamoren Dosage
Ibutamoren should be used around 25 mg per day. You can reap maximum benefits from it. This product is available in both powder and liquid form. With the solid powder, you can divide the dosage carefully and break them down to the recommended 25 mg daily dosage. Taking Ibutamoren daily is fine since its half-life is 24 hours. Most people recommend to take it before bedtime because this product is known to make you feel tired. The duration of your cycle depends on you. There are users who used it for a year or more without experiencing any side effects. If you are like me and willing to tread the safe route, you can keep your cycle at around 12 weeks.

Before and After Results of Ibutamoren
Ibutamoren can in the crease growth of hormones in the body. It also reduces somatostatin secretion which can stop hormone secretions. According to some studies, it activates the brain where the metabolic action is prone to get affected. It then signals the cells to grow and in return, it creates more muscle cells. Ibutamoren also promotes firmer and healthier skin as well as improves complexion. And surprisingly, unlike any other products, the longer you use it, the better results you will achieve. You can research the internet to learn about Ibutamoren results, with pictures! In this way, you are able to familiarize yourself about the effects it will have on your body. But remember that the efficacy of every product differs for each individual. Always remember to follow the recommendations for optimum results.