If you have 15%+ BF should you diet down to 10%- before bulking???

What is this "diet down" you speak of?

It's up to you man, do you mind being fatter for a little while longer? Maintaining a high bf for an extended period of time isn't healthy.
Im trying to start off correctly so Im not screwed at the end with 30% BF and no where to go.

Im thinking of cutting till the vascular stage then maintaining the BF to a 2% increase or decrease and trying to slowly build up while maintaining. With strict cutting/bulking stages on the way.
Patrick_Bateman said:
Bulking is a 1970 mantality. No need to get fat when you put on muscle.

Actually guys from the 70's didn't have that attitude. Most lost weight between contests and slowly built it back during their "contest phase"

Bulking is a late 90's -'00 term