ip injs

IP INJ.=PAIN!!!!!!! If you can get anything else, don't go with IP the shit is too painful and the products are too hit and miss. So what if it's cheap, if the stuff does nothing for you or you have so much pain you cannot continue well there goes your cheap stuff! You get what you pay for! If you decide to go with IP I promise you will regret it! There is QV gear that you can get at very good prices and it is good stuff.
where have they all gone??

first it was roid farm then triedia which has been around a long time dont even know what happened to them the farm seemed like a scam at the end . this seems like a good board hope it stays strong.
I used his rocket fuel enanthate/durabolin mix, the pain wasnt too bad provided I cut it with EQ. BTW I did get results from his product but I dont want to use them again.
Ive had good luck with his Sustanon (sust) and his cyp. but they are painful if you dont cut it with eq or something

He has good stuff and his Sustanon (sust) enhanced was great but he loads the stuff with so much BA that the scar tissue is almost instant.I prefer his orals.