Isolate Protein

Its maybe a little more efficiant than concentrate. Its good for those that are lactose intolerant.
Whey Isolate does absorb faster than just regular whey concentrate.
It's also a lot more expensive!
i agree with the less gas issue. i notice a big difference when im taking isolate over concentrate my gut doesnt feel like it's going to explode. for me it's worth the extra money.
PlocMonster said:
Isolate protein wow, thats muscle in dust form, very expensive but very eficiant

lol...i like how u put
I've just recently switched over my regular whey to the isolate form and I'm really liking it. I feel ummm...less bloated and i can eat more cuz it seems to digest faster. I'm using the Sportlab chocolate whey isolate. If only they'd come out with 5lb buckets.;)
PlocMonster said:
yeah I think instead of bying 10 suplements , we could focus our money in a real good one, like isolate protein

i still take other supps too so it does get a little expensive but our bodies are worth it!
hehe Here in Brazil isolate protein it's toooo expensive, I could buy 4 optimum whey protein with the money I would buy I solate hehehe
Isolate is by far a better mix than the concentrate....thus the price difference.

Guess I lucked out of my bros work at the local GNC and finds a way to "damage" a few buckets for me.....

:40oz: :beertoast
Railrunner said:
Isolate is by far a better mix than the concentrate....thus the price difference.

Guess I lucked out of my bros work at the local GNC and finds a way to "damage" a few buckets for me.....

:40oz: :beertoast

Hey, those things happen. It's a good thong you're around to take them off his hands, as it is a sin to waste food. You're simply doing what's best for the environment, right? ;)
The way i see it, if it wasnt me getting the "discount" it would be someone else....
I guess that makes me a selfish fucker!

OH WELL!!! Im cool with it!:bigok:
Both concentrates and isolates have advantages and dissadvantages.
Concentrate is higher in growth factors etc, while isolates have low levels of lactose and fat.

If you cant handle the lactose in concentrates stick to isolates, if you cannot afford isolates dont stress, concentrates are good too!
isolate is more bioavailable, and floods the bloodstream with amino acids because of how quickly it digests. the premium is worth it when you reserve it for a pwo shake. you need 25-35g in that case, as any more digests so quickly that it is turned to fat or disposed of.
if you can get (and stand) a small-peptide hydrolized whey isolate, that's essentially pre-digested...
The best thing to use after workout is a Enzymatic hydrolyzed, pre-digested whey protein. If its better then regular whey I think is something you have to try for your self. I use it and like it… I only take it postwork out with Creatine transporters.

This is the one I am using! It Swedish so you don’t find it in the USA


(Enzymatic hydrolyzed, pre-digested whey protein)

Protein is construction material for the human body like bricks are for a building. Body structures made from protein include skin, hair, nails, bones, connective tissue and of course skeletal muscle. Other proteins in your body include antibodies, enzymes, hormones such as insulin, and transporters such as hemoglobin. Next to water, protein is the most abundant substance in the body, making up approximately 15-20% of your weight. And 60-70% of all protein in the body is located in the skeletal muscles. In order for muscle growth to occur, every day you must consume more protein than your body utilizes.

The most crucial time to ingest protein occurs directly after a training session. This is when the body starts to rebuild it self and your protein needs are greater than usual.

When you choose a protein supplement you should consider a supplement with a high biological value (BV) and low molecule weight since it will give you a better effect with less powder and thus you won’t tax your organs unnecessarily. Fairing’s Whey-Hydro has the highest BV and lowest molecule weight on the market.

Whey-Hydro contains 100 % hydrolyzed whey protein which has a very high biological value (159) and a very low molecule weight (1900 Daltons). This mean a tremendous faster absorption and a better effect with less powder compared to regular whey protein.

Whey-Hydro also contains the highest concentration of the three BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine. It’s very important to consume these amino acids after a training session since they constitute one third of our muscle protein and are used in a higher degree than other amino acids during physical activity.

According to Poullaine’s study on different proteins, hydrolyzed whey protein is superior to other proteins in term of weight gain in pure muscle mass and increased nitrogen. Whey-Hydro is a completely pure protein powder with a natural taste and free from aspartame.