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Hello everyone, I'm new and this site has been very helpful. My question is about hgh, and I need to know if anyone else has experience this with jintropin. When mixing it with the water, it stays in a clump and you have to swirl it for almost up to 5 minutes to dissolve. My friend has used gh and he said when he would mix it it would mix instantly and that is not the case with jintropin. I just nees to know if anyone else has experienced this and is it normal.
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never had a problem here takes me about 5 minutes from start to finish, you sure your gear is real, mine doesnt take long to disolve, maybe some other more knowledgable bros can help ya
thanks for the info laundry, its actually for my cousin he asked me to post this because he was complaining of the problem that he has never had b4. thanks again and if anyone else knows any more info please let me know. By the way laundry he got it from a doctor from one of those youth rejuvination places I really dont think its fake gear.
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I just mixed a 10iu vial about 15min ago and had no problems dissolving the GH it took about 30 seconds as I gently swirled the water with the GH
The one that my cousin has when you swirl the water the powder turns into a little lump, and then it takes him like 5 minutes to dissolve it in the water. He has used other gh and has had no problems with it b4, but with this batch of jin he is not too sure about.