juice with ms


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should i still juice even though i have been diagnosed with ms multiple sclorosis the right side of my body went knumb after i get it treated the doctor said it will go away after 5 days so can i juice after that or is the juice causeing this
Anabolic steroids will not cause MS and it's unlikely that they are related to the numbness you experienced. However this is definitely something that you should be consulting with your doctor about.
I have a close friend who I played college football with. He was diagnoed with MS his sophmore year. When treating MS, they will administer a series of steroids. What types I am not, it might be of the Glucocorticoid group. Whic are not Anabolic ! The steroids decrease the swelling around the mylan sheeth which is what is detiorating. I cannot see how taking a cycle or two will hurt considering they will reduce inflamantion in the body ! With something so serious as MS I would ask my Dr. Good luck !
i was allready injected by roids for my fist treatment for an hour by an iv by a doctor today for my first treatment im just wondering after it goes away will it come back if i use anabolic juice i told the doctor i do he said that the roids dident cause my condidtion he said it was just a random thing that can happen to any one and it will go away soon so what do u guys think should i juice in the future after this problem goes away
the ms is going away after 5 days of treatment because they found the thing in my spine thats causeing it so i have to get medical steroids from an iv not anabolic ones
good luck to you bro.in all your endavours..VERY glad to see you will get better..keep your chin up bro..and hit the gym..keep us posted