Junior USAs this weekend

shaved ape

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Just seeing if anyone on here is competing in or attending the Jr USAs in Charleston SC this weekend. Should be a great show.
i will be attending. two of my buddies are doing it. flying out thursday!!
Hey! My buddy is looking into competing and is curious on where to go and what steps to take towards this. Any info I could pass on?
TG -
I can probably point you (or your friend) in the right direction. I assume that he has not competed before, is that right? And given the forum this is posted on, should I assume that you are looking for non-drug tested organizations and shows?

NPC information and schedules can be found at: http://www.getbig.com/info/npc.htm

Many states also have their own NPC websites, which usually contain more detailed and up-to-date info on contests in the area.

NABBA info can be found at:

There are several other bodybuilding organizations, but I would recommend looking into NPC shows. There are several NPC competitions in most states every year, both natural and non-drug tested. The NPC is also the U.S. amateur organization feeding the IFBB.

Is this what you're looking for, or are you trying to find out more about the dieting and competition process itself?